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Los Angeles Eco-Village: Sustainable Community in the City

If you’re looking for tiny house communities you might also be open to other options like this urban eco-village in Los Angeles that I’m showing you in this post thanks to Johnny Sanphillippo and Faircompanies.

This community is unique because it’s about 3 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and all residents are car-free (their main source of transportation is a bicycle).

Even better, the Los Angeles Ecovillage residents have created a bicycle shop, vegetable gardens, composting areas, clotheslines, fruit trees, micro-businesses, chickens, a food co-op, and more.

Los Angeles Eco-Village Sustainable Community


Images © Faircompanies

I encourage you to learn more by watching the entire video tour of the community and interview below:

Video: Los Angeles Eco-Village Sustainable Community Tour


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  • Avatar Glema

    I’m not far from LA and it’s nice to know there are still some communities of eco thinking people around. May God richly bless this little community and send someone to help take up the concrete. Perhaps there is someone who needs a place to make a drive area for parking elsewhere and the two sides could go halves on moving the concrete? it’s a thought. 🙂 Happy Gardening!

  • Avatar Linda

    I love the idea that you paid cash for the properties. Way to go!

  • Avatar Linda

    That tool shop looks like a good place to repair your bicycle.

  • Avatar Melissa

    Can any one recommend a tiny home designer/ contractor in Los Angeles, CA. I am looking to turn a rundown guest house into a great tiny home. Thanks!

  • Avatar Kitty Stuart

    I love this. Does anyone know where you can put a tiny house in LA?

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