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Habitats Hawaii Tiny House Builders

Right now I’m showing you a tiny house builder in Hawaii called Habitats Hawaii.

The organization is run by two women, Barrie Rose and Johanna Tilbury, which you can learn more about here. So if you’re in Hawaii and you’re looking for help building your own tiny house then maybe you might want to consider hiring Habitats Hawaii for the job.

Below you’ll be able to see a few of the tiny houses on wheels that they’ve built. You’ll also get to watch a video tour of them. Please enjoy and re-share below. And let me know how you like these tiny homes in the comments below. Thank you!

Habitats Hawaii Tiny House Builders


Images © Habitats Hawaii

Paniola Tiny House

habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-001 habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-002 habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-003 habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-004 habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-005 habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-006 habitats-hawaii-paniola-tiny-house-007

Images © Habitats Hawaii

Learn more: https://www.habitatshawaii.com/paniola/

Hele Mai Tiny House

habitats-hawaii-hele-mai-tiny-house-001 habitats-hawaii-hele-mai-tiny-house-002 habitats-hawaii-hele-mai-tiny-house-003 habitats-hawaii-hele-mai-tiny-house-004 habitats-hawaii-hele-mai-tiny-house-005

Images © Habitats Hawaii

Learn more: https://www.habitatshawaii.com/hele-mai/

Maluhia Tiny House

habitats-hawaii-maluhia-tiny-house-001 habitats-hawaii-maluhia-tiny-house-002

Images © Habitats Hawaii

Learn more: https://www.habitatshawaii.com/hale-maluhia/

Ano Ano Tiny House

habitats-hawaii-ano-ano-tiny-house-001 habitats-hawaii-ano-ano-tiny-house-002 habitats-hawaii-ano-ano-tiny-house-003 habitats-hawaii-ano-ano-tiny-house-004 habitats-hawaii-ano-ano-tiny-house-005 habitats-hawaii-ano-ano-tiny-house-006

Images © Habitats Hawaii

Learn more: https://www.habitatshawaii.com/ano-ano/

Video: Habitat Hawaii Tiny Houses

Learn more: http://www.habitatshawaii.com/

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  • Avatar Valerie

    As an indigenous woman I would love to introduce this type of housing to our communities. Canadian gov’t housing for Natives is very expensive and not managed well. Keeps us further in poverty. I would love to learn more from these wonderful ladies. Thank you for sharing wonderful TinyHouse people 🙂 Val

  • Avatar Dee

    Absolutely beautiful. Im not building a complete tiny house. We are snow birds. We are kn a campground and have a 34 ft camper, but we are putting in a 10×12 Gambrell shed. I just love your decorating ideas and do plan on using them. I just love your tiny houses. Great work ladies, you rock.

  • Avatar karl

    These are great!
    This is my first comment on this site.
    I’m a semi retired home builder and have been watching this site for some time- this is the first time I have been impressed by the live-ability and charm of not one, but three homes produced by any builder.
    Super job Ladies!

    • Avatar sunshine

      Karl, have you seen the lily pad tiny house. here is the link http://www.lilypadplanet.com I am a 51yr old single female planning to build one similar. Repurposing as much as possible.


      • Avatar karl

        Sunshine- I have, it has some really nice features too.
        I really like stairs to both lofts.
        Enjoy your build!

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks for your comment Karl!

  • Avatar Kathy

    These teensy homes are very welcoming and comfortable looking. Aloha for sure! I was totally surprised to find thatI felt like I could live in any one of them, and I never thought I would or could,go so small. I am smitten with the smallest one (8×12′) as a camper. However if I had land somewhere any one of the them would make a wonderful vacation cottage. Really nicely done! Come to California, preferably the Bay Area and build a few here!!!

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Kathy! Glad you liked them 🙂

  • Avatar Cathy

    Adorable! The Hele Mai is definitely my cup of tea. Well done!

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    These are wonderful; so compact, functional, charming and very homey. These ladies have really captured the true spirit of the Tiny House Movement (THM). Congratulations, ladies. Job well done.

  • Avatar Brian

    Are these not great, especially the first one which really got my
    imagination going. Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Australia

  • Avatar Maria

    Well the first house is nice,except I would remove the desk,and make the bathroom bigger. I don’t like wet baths and I would put in an rv flush toilet. By removing the desk would leave more room to expand the bathroom and where the closet is put a stackable washer and dryer and next the closet. I would also square off the front. How big is this house?

  • Avatar gale

    Ok…now I’m considering becoming homeless in Hawaii. Outstanding!!!! Would love this concept all over the US.

  • Love all of these designs but the Hele Mai is my favorite. I can see my granddaughters loving that elevated bed.

  • Avatar Leliu

    All of your designs on wheels are beautiful, I really love the interiors with smart space saving designs however, I want to build a small farm dwelling, but no wheels and a little bigger. I also want to permit my structure in case of legal ramifications. Some people get jealous and if they do not like you they can cause trouble. I really do not want to lose my little farm dwelling. Is the permit process the best way to go? I hear it really is not bad if you have everything in order.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      I always recommend doing things legally, because you don’t want to lose something you worked hard on! It can be a pain, for sure, but well worth it so you don’t waste time and money on something you cannot keep.

  • Avatar ROSEE

    All of these Habitat TH are beautiful, especially the first one on the top. Not fond of lofts, but still beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

  • Avatar debra

    Love all three. I have put one on my screen saver. Please come to Australia!

  • Avatar Michael

    They are really tiny but beside the sleeping loft I like them. All have a full size kitchen and everything you need.

  • Avatar Patricia Chang

    The landscaping is lovely. The houses are charming. I could not accept a wet bathroom and a toilet next to the refrigerator. Make the bathrooms a bit bigger with a regular stand up shower. Be sure you can bend over in the shower. The interior décor is quite pretty. Consider making the houses a little bigger, so you can place the bathroom elsewhere.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Wet baths do scare me — I’m too klutzy not to fall haha


    Nice tiny house and great location as well….!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Haha THE BEST location 🙂

  • Avatar Elaine

    Very neat. Enjoyed all of them. Thank you for sharing

  • Avatar Helena Kaminski

    Love the design and location of these tiny homes! have been interested in the concept of tiny homes and am a follower! I am not presently interested in having a tiny home, but have thought about the possibility in the future!
    Good job ladies! Wishing you much success in this venture!

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