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Danielle’s Tiny House w/ Beautiful Deck and Skirt Finish

This is Danielle’s Tiny House on Wheels with beautiful deck and skirt finish.

It was recently shared on our Facebook Page. What do you think? Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? Adding the skirting to cover the trailer adds a nice touch, and the deck doesn’t hurt either!

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Tiny House on Wheels w/ Skirting and Deck

Danielles Tiny House on Wheels with Deck and Skirting via Facebook 001

© Danielle L Gilbert via Facebook/Tiny House Talk

Danielles Tiny House on Wheels with Deck and Skirting via Facebook 002

© Danielle L Gilbert via Facebook/Tiny House Talk

Danielles Tiny House on Wheels with Deck and Skirting via Facebook 003

© Danielle L Gilbert via Facebook/Tiny House Talk

So we finally finished our skirting, and just in time! Low was 30 degrees last night, and it was a wee bit chilly! To create the skirting, we used 0.75 inch rigid foam board (which I paint-rolled with exterior black acrylic paint since the foam comes as electric blue), lattice, and pressure treated. We nailed the lattice/frame directly to the foam insulation after it was dry. We used simple garden stakes hammered into the ground in a few spots to make sure it was secure.
Because our parking spot is so uneven, we decided to not cut the lattice/foam to fit under the house as I’ve seen others do. We left them all at 24 inches high, but it fits very snugly right up against the bottom of the house.
This was the second time the temperature had dropped into the 30’s and we didn’t have skirting the first time. I can definitely say the skirting made a huge difference in the floor temperature. I was walking around in bare feet this morning and it was cool. Before skirting? I had on winter fleece socks and house slippers and was still cold lol.

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Our big thanks to Danielle L Gilbert for sharing!🙏

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  • Amanda
    November 5, 2019, 9:51 am

    Great, simple stuff, Danielle!
    The trellis skirting is traditional, but attaching it to foam board you’ve painted to be “invisible” is genius!
    And warm feet are mandatory… Thank you for posting. 😊

  • Jane
    November 15, 2019, 1:01 am

    Looks good! I like that you can move the step to where you want it and the skirt will also hide any items stored underneath from view. Vinyl lattice would work well too and will not rot from contact with the ground.

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