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Custom Staircase to Rooftop of Shipping Container Tiny House!

This is a custom staircase that leads you to the rooftop of this shipping container tiny house by Custom Container Living LLC out of Archie, Missouri. Pretty cool, right?

Custom designed steps leading up to a beautiful roof top deck on our Texas container build. Thanks Chad and JR for being an awesome general contactor in wonderful Texas.1


  1. https://www.facebook.com/CustomContainerLivingLLC/posts/2026085720956278
  2. http://www.customcontainerliving.com/

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  • Avatar Mark

    Definitely NOT OSHA approved. Needs an outside handrail…

    • Avatar James D.

      Calling it stairs is a bit misleading, the steep angle means you’ll be climbing it more like a ladder… So the sides are the rails…

  • Avatar Michael L

    I can see how this design could be modified to include a hand rail. That modification could make for a compact stair solution for a THOW .

  • Avatar Kat Carroll

    You guys ever thought about converting a grounded boxcar or semi-trailer into a tiny home?

  • Avatar Joe

    The curve of the risers look questionable at best. Even a cheap roller would have made an even flow on the risers there seems to be odd joints in a few places.Why wouldn’t you put a landing half way up? That’s a long fall to a cement landing if you slip. A landing would have given you twice the run for the same rise and it could have slid under the upper stairs to use the same amount of space at the end of the container.

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