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Couple Living in 250 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Tiny Cabin w/ 2 Pit Bulls

This is the story of a couple living in a 250 sq. ft. DIY off-grid tiny cabin with their two pit bulls.

Outside, you’ll see that they have rainwater collection system, outdoor cooking space, and more.

When you go inside, you’ll find they have a studio-style floor plan with a living area, bedroom, storage, and kitchenette. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Living in 250 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Tiny Cabin w/ 2 Pit Bulls

Couple Living in 250 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Tiny Cabin w/ 2 Pit Bulls

Images © AGreatLeapintheDark

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Images © AGreatLeapintheDark

Learn more: http://agreatleapinthedark.blogspot.com/

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  • Avatar Kristina H Nadreau

    love the pibbles…… as for their house, if it works for them, it is perfect. I would hate it and the sink???? confounds me. I do like the rain water cachement system. I like that these people actually live here…. this is not something built for someone else.

  • Avatar Phillip

    I think it’s great. And did you naysayers see how happy they look? Live, and let live peeps. I wouldn’t mind being their neighbor.

  • Avatar Lala

    Agree with Phillip… Live and let live. Sweet doggies, by the way! Some folks just need less than others, so even though it’s very basic, it’s a plan I would be very interested in modifying for myself a little bit.

  • Avatar Martha

    After the above (1st) comment I had to go back for a 2nd look. I love the deck with the privacy fence. I love the repurposed Singer Sewing Machine stand. Love the outdoor kitchen. Love the bed, which you don’t have to climb a ladder to get to. The rest looks good to me, although I would have to actually walk through it to understand how it all blends together, but I think that is the way with most of the tiny houses featured here. You can only take so many pictures, and the pictures only show the image as seen by the lens. Even videos don’t do these houses justice, in my opinion.

    All in all I like this house and would like to see more of it. The rainbow over the house is icing on the cake!

    • Avatar Elaine

      I agree. Although, I think they changed furnishings and moved them around which makes it harder to see how it all flows together. Regardless, it looks good to me.

  • Avatar jane

    They all look so happy and not an inch of space wasted!

  • Avatar Maryl Quinney

    I wanna see if they have a water supply for that tub in their bathroom. And I can’t figure out where their burners are. It doesn’t look like the location is warm year-round so I wonder if they move the kitchen inside in cold weather. In any case, well done, kids! They do look at home and happy.

  • Avatar gale

    Not for me but cute cute cute. This is one of the few rustic home that I find attractive.

  • Avatar Canyon Man

    I will say from experience that a bath in a trough is better than no bath at all. Also, some of them are more comfortable than some of the new bath tubs on the market.
    Either way, it works for these people and that is as important as any aspect of a home, let alone a house.
    I think they did a good job, doubt they are paying hundreds a month on a mortgage.

  • Avatar Clydella

    I don’t like the layout, & It def wouldn’t work for me, but If it works for them, then great! I do love how it looks on the outside, and the environment that it exists in is beautiful and relaxing.

    I don’t like how the stove’s little propane tank source is placed inside the house, I think for safety’s sake it should have a way for it to be installed outside of the house in case the connection develops a gas leak. I do really like that little oven, however.

  • Avatar Southb

    Love the house from the outside and especially that it’s totally off the grid. I don’t cook much, so the kitchen looks fine to me. The stone pathway up to the house is beautiful. The inside wouldn’t be exactly to my taste, and I agree that the propane tank would have to be away from the house for me to feel safe. All that being said, the people look very happy, as do the dogs and the cat … especially in the picture of the dog leaping in the air with the rainbow overhead! They’ve made a perfect little home for themselves and their pets, and I applaud all they’ve done to make it work for their family.

  • Avatar Trish

    This tiny house works for the people who live in it, and that’s what’s important, not whether the rest of us like or not.

  • Avatar Liz

    I love, love, love your pitties!!

  • Avatar Carol

    We just love your tiny house. We find yours very interesting as we are building one now, completely off-grid. I see what appears to be a home made composting toilet in the bathroom picture. We are thinking of building our own composting toilet for our off-grid tiny house. Can you give more information on that please? Thank you. Carol

    • Avatar Marla Brown

      There is a book out called the Humanure Handbook . You can buy a new or used one on Amazon for pennies on the dollar and has everything you need to know about the subject…

  • Avatar Large Marge

    Two of our hiking companeros are pit bulls, Aristotle and BooBoo. Kinda dorky, and that’s OK.

    We like your pay-as-you-go attitude. Simple, robust, home-fixable.

    Gotta have a dog!

  • Avatar Sophia

    really honest. loved this.

  • Human Warmth, Flavor of Love. Very Handsome.

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