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Clothesline Tiny House Featured on HLNTV: Video Tour

I was excited to find out that Clothesline Tiny Homes was featured on HLNTV earlier this week.

That’s right- Shane and Carrie were on national television just the other day giving America a tour of their tiny house.

If you missed it you can watch their segment right here on Tiny House Talk. Not very long ago Shane and Carrie decided to design and build their own mortgage-free dream house.

It’s modern, sleek, and precisely created for their own needs. It’s unique relative to most other little houses out there because it was built on a gooseneck trailer which is similar to a 5th wheel travel trailer.

This allowed them to create an extra spacious sleeping area as opposed to the upstairs sleeping lofts that can sometimes feel cramped for some.

Clothesline Tiny House in Sante Fe

Photo Credits Clothesline Tiny Homes

Clothesline Tiny House Under a Bridge

Above is a shot of Shane towing the house after they decided to move. That’s one of the benefits of building a home on wheels: you can basically just tow and go.

Clothesline Tiny Homes Family Portrait

If you watched the video tour you probably noticed how beautiful their home is inside and out. It doesn’t have a bunch of extra space and spare bedrooms but it still looks roomy, comfortable, and nice. It has everything you can ask for and if you’re eager to live the simple life, this is a great way to do it.

Clothesline Tiny Homes - Shane and Carries Tiny House

If you want to learn how to build a little house on a trailer step by step this guide shows you how.

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