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1982 Silver Streak Vintage Camper 2

Their $12K Vintage Camper Conversion

Adam proved to his boss one vacation that he was able to get as much work done away from the office as he could at work, so his job became remote. This allowed Adam and his wife Janelle to sell their house and buy a camper to start traveling more. Their original camper was too [...]

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Their Funky 1976 Shasta RV w a Bathtub! 3

Their Funky 1976 Shasta RV w/ a Bathtub!

Zack and Ariane were exhausted from the 9 to 5 grind of their non-profit jobs in Denver, so they decided it was time to find a rig to take them traveling! Now they are never looking back. Their 1976 Shasta has an awesome, funky interior complete with a wallpapered ceiling, a handmade quilt, and fun [...]

Angry Bird Hotel w 1929 Ford 2

Angry Bird Hotel w/ 1929 Ford Tow Vehicle

Rickey didn’t want to end up in a nursing home after a lifetime of adventure, teaching English and truck-driving, so he used his handy skills to transform a 1968 bus into his home — and he tows it with a 1929 Ford! He designed the exterior of the rig to look like the red Angry [...]

Young Wild and Tree House in East Point Georgia 001

Young Wild and Tree House in Georgia is a Vintage Trailer Bus on Stilts

Consider staying in this Young Wild and Tree House in East Point, Georgia. The stay by The Atlanta Treehouse includes access to this one-of-a-kind trailer turned into a vintage bus treehouse! Check it out! The treehouse is an eclectic 1956 airstream/Spartan hodgepodge created by a Vietnam vet . It shares the grounds with a beautiful [...]


They Gutted & Rebuilt This 70s Class C Campervan

Allison and Eric started off backpacking around the world, and when their backs started hurting, they turned to suitcase travel. But in 2020, they decided to fulfill their longtime dream of renovating a vintage RV and finally seeing the United States! They didn’t realize upon purchasing their 70s Class C campervan that it had so [...]

1966 Kit Companion Retro Reno w Mudroom 7

1966 Kit Companion Retro Reno w/ Mudroom

This awesome couple enjoys the nomadic lifestyle and has started flipping and custom-converting different campers, ADUs, and other vehicles. One of their most recent projects is this 1966 Kit Companion which they renovated with a nod to the 60s. The little camper has a fixed bed, a U-shaped dinette that becomes a second bed, and [...]

Full Time Living in 1974 vintage VW Westy 3

Full-Time Living in 1974 Vintage VW Westy

When Hunter and Hannah first purchased their 1974 Vintage VW Westy, they actually had no intentions of living in it full-time. They just wanted a weekend rig and their jobs weren’t remote. But when 2020 changed everything, it finally made sense for the couple to take their now-remote jobs on the road and travel the [...]

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