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Woodworkers Incredible Short Bus Conversion

Woodworker Builds Incredible Short Bus Cabin

Weston has always been fascinated by tiny homes and nomadic living, so when he found this bus for sale not far from him (for a great deal), he decided to take the plunge! A carpenter and woodworker by trade, he included so many gorgeous wood details in the conversion. His unfolding shower setup is really [...]

Former Military Family Reconnecting Through RV Life 12

Former Military Family Reconnecting with RV Life

The Russel family used to be separated by husband Justin’s military career. He spent the first 5+ years of his children’s lives deployed overseas, and he needed time with them again! RV life was the ticket – it brought the family back together, making new amazing memories. They’ve actually lived in and renovated 3 different [...]

Teachers Choose Bus Life for Summer Vacations 3

Teachers Choose Bus Life for Summer Vacations

One of the great benefits of being a teacher is having the summer off! Hollie & Kelly wanted to use their summer vacations for traveling but found that most RVs on the market were out of their price range or lacking character. So they decided a diesel bus conversion was more their style! Their DIY [...]

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Their $35K New Mexico-Inspired Bus Conversion 3

Their $35K New Mexico-Inspired Bus Conversion with Clay Interior

Jake and Felicia were actively searching for a home in 2020 when they decided they weren’t quite ready to put down roots forever. Seeing #vanlife on Instagram and YouTube inspired them to impulsively purchase a bus before they even had a spot to park it! They slowly converted the bus into their home on wheels, [...]

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Bus Life as Bus Builders in DIY Rig 2

Their Bus Conversion Life & Business

When Racey and Zack met, they discovered that each of them was interested in an alternative lifestyle. After Racey finished her big hike, the couple decided on a bus build! And after converting their own rig, they accidentally fell into converting/fixing up vans and buses for others as a business. Because Zack used to be [...]

Building His Own Wheelchair-Friendly Box Truck Home

Building His Wheelchair-Friendly Box Truck Home

Ben was a construction worker who loved to ski when an accident on the slopes left him wheelchair-bound. It took many years of physical therapy and new perspectives on life to urge him into van life. He chose a box truck and spent 18 months converting it himself for about $50,000. His van meets all [...]

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Her Dad Helped Her Build This Awesome Ambulance Conversion 3

Her $25K Ambulance Conversion with a Bathroom

Rachel had been wanting to try nomadic life for a while and finally decided to just go for it. While her dad originally said he wanted nothing to do with the project, when Rachel found herself in too deep, he came to her rescue and helped her finish the conversion. With his help, she was [...]

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Encore Former Boho Custom Build For Sale

Amazing Transit Boho Vans Conversion with Huge Pantry

This is the Encore Transit, a stunning van that was a custom Boho Vans build completed for a client back in 2020. It’s built like a cabin inside! Unfortunately, her health complications are preventing her from enjoying the van, and she’s selling it. It’s a lovely 2019 Ford Transit with a fixed bed, a Dometic [...]

Aloha 2021 Ram Promaster 2500 High Roof 159” 17

Aloha 2021 Ram Promaster 2500 High Roof Conversion Van

The Aloha is a 2021 Ram Promaster 2500 with a high roof that was a former rental van of Boho Vans. After a couple of years in the rental business, it’s ready for a new permanent owner! This beautiful professional conversion includes a handy closet for hanging clothing and comes with a brand-new cassette toilet. [...]

Vandalf 2008 Ford E-350 2

Vandalf: 2008 Ford E-350 Shuttle Bus Conversion For Sale: Built Like a Cabin!

Meet Vandalf! This tiny house was built for a self-proclaimed nerd, and it’s for sale and built by Boho Life looking for a new nerd to make it home sweet home. It’s a 2008 Ford E-350 and costs $70,000. This van is lined with beautiful red cedar which I’m sure smells amazing! There’s a fixed [...]

1969 Converted 2-story school bus. International Loadstar 33′ rolling home. 20

1969 Double-Decker School Bus Conversion for $18K

This incredible double-decker school bus conversion has been in progress for 20 years but is looking for a new owner. While it still drives, it’s designed to stay stationary once it travels from Rainier, Washington to a new home. The bus home has a kitchen, bathroom, and space for a King-sized bed on the second [...]

Family of 7 Added A Loft to Their Skoolie!

Family of 7 And Their Skoolie Home with Loft Addition

Anna and Jeff had enjoyed traveling and camping with their respective families growing up, and wanted to share that experience with their own kids. In October 2017 they took the plunge and purchased a bus and began the two-year-long conversion process. After being on the road for a couple of years (and expecting another child!), [...]

Cyclists’ Awesome DIY Promaster Conversion 3

Why These Cyclists Chose Van Life

Aaron had enjoyed sleeping in his car as a teenager when hanging out with friends, but it took many years and the events of 2020 to finally convince him to try van life. He and his wife were able to go remote with work, so they bought a Ram ProMaster. The van was beautifully converted, [...]

Incredible Southwestern Promaster 2020 For Sale 8

Cozy Cabin-Like Van Conversion

Karol and Austin are the bubbly and awesome couple who built this beautiful Ram Promaster in 2020. On the cusp of buying a home, they hose to jump into van life instead. Now they’re on to a new adventure and selling this incredible cabin-like rig. Karol had wanted a closet and bathroom, and they managed [...]

His Winnebago w Elevator Bed 2

His Revel Van Life with Lift Bed & Customizations

Adam’s father had always wanted to convert a school bus and homeschool Adam and a potential second child while traveling the country. Tragically, his life was cut short. But Adam — and his Winnebago named “Eve” — are making that dream a reality! Originally, Adam thought he would only be on the road for a [...]

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 001

MoonLander Truck Shell Campers

It’s a brand-new day in the world of tiny houses and mobile living! Today, we bring you a game-changer in the market for truck bed campers: the MoonLander by RADICA starting at only $5,500. If you’ve been exploring a lifestyle centered around camping, road trips, or nomadic living, this truck shell camper might just be [...]

Former Crossfit Instructors Build Out A Van 2

From CrossFit Instructors to Van Life

Trey and Addie were working as Crossfit instructors when they realized they were eager for “more” out of life. It didn’t take much convincing for them to start looking for a van to convert. Once they got the rig, they spent two years building it out, since they had no prior building experience (and very [...]

His $5K Truck Camper Build 3

His $5K Truck Camper Tiny Home

Lance sold everything he owned on Facebook Marketplace when he decided he was tired of the 9 to 5 and ready for a new adventure! He built a DIY camper on the back of his truck and spent only $5k on the materials. He was careful to buy things second-hand and at the Dollar Tree [...]

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What’s It Really Like to Rent a Boho Van

She Rented a Boho Van for Work and Travel

Simone jumped into van life a few years ago and built out her own rig while working as a photographer. She and her husband, however, recently bought a home and are selling the van, but her work still requires some travel. Enter Boho Vans! She rented this great rig to attend a van gathering. This [...]

Itasca REYO 25R Class A Diesel 001

This 25-ft. Class A Diesel Motorhome Gets 17MPG!

Are you dreaming of hitting the open road and embarking on a grand adventure? Consider this preowned Itasca REYO 25R Class A Diesel motorhome for sale in Port Charlotte, Florida, which we recently stumbled upon on Craigslist. Priced at $65,000, this compact class A motorhome offers an interesting option for those seeking the freedom and [...]

From Ranching in Montana to Bus Life 2

They Went From Ranching in Montana to Family Bus Life

The Chandler family were living their “dream life” as Montana ranchers when they realized how much they were missing. After seeing discovering school bus conversions, often referred to as skoolies online, they decided to take the plunge and do a DIY conversion for their two young kids and their dogs for an unforgettable and perhaps [...]

Her Stealthy Van Inspired by Taylor Swift. 3

Her Stealthy Van Inspired by Taylor Swift

Tory has always loved Taylor Swift, but going to her Reputation tour set her life on a whole new path! She was inspired by Taylor’s resilience and honesty and ended up starting a jacket-painting business that raised awareness for self-defense and ultimately funded her van conversion. While Tory is proud of the van she converted [...]

Ditching CA Rent for Bus Life Freedom 2

Ditching California Rent for Bus Life Freedom

Salina and Marcelo met in California while Marcelo was living his dream as a professional skateboarder. They got married and traveled for Marcelo’s competitions. But their rent in San Diego was crippling, and they wanted more out of their lives. They decided on van life, but couldn’t find an affordable van — so they bought [...]

Digital Nomad’s Seond Van Conversion 3

Digital Nomad’s Second Van Conversion

Brittany had all the normal stuff — a spouse, a house, and a business she was successfully running. But she got divorced and later met a couch surfer whose life she was envious of. He called her out, saying she could do what he was doing and travel the world. So she sold her house, [...]