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Stefanie’s $15K DIY Vardo Lockdown Project 2

She Built a $15,000 Tiny House During Lockdown

Stefanie is one amazing woman! She has traveled to 28 countries, and now has a vardo wagon she built all by herself that she’s towing around the United States. When the pandemic put her out of work, she wanted something to do with her extra time: And she didn’t disappoint! With a $15,000 budget, she [...]

Dad & Son Build Caravan Wagon in Israel 2

Father And Son Build Caravan Wagon in Israel

Amir emailed us this week to show off the awesome caravan wagon he and his 15-year-old son built together. It’s a space for them to hang out and work. The story is that I wanted to build a small wagon for me and my son to have a place for recreation in our village. So [...]

Foxdown Huts: British Shepherd Hut Builder

Foxdown Huts: British Shepherd Hut Builder

Today we want to introduce you to Foxdown Huts! They recently reached out to show us their two amazing Shepherd Hut models — the Octagon (a shell) and the Fox Den (outfitted with tiny, collapsible furniture). Starting at £10,000 (~$13,800 USD), these affordable homes are a great choice for a tiny house, guest room, or [...]

Budget 75 Square Foot Garden THOW in Europe 27

Under-$5k, 75-sq.-ft. Garden Tiny House Built on Budget

For years, Thilo has wanted to live off the land. When he got the opportunity to buy an old home with lovely property in Southern France, he jumped at the chance. But, he wanted to wake up and see his gardens — so he decided to build a budget tiny house! Legally, he’s living in [...]

Whimsy Wagon 10

Whimsy Wagon: Handcrafted Caravan For Sale

Now here’s a micro home for you! This handcrafted whimsy wagon has so much character in such a small space. The exterior looks like something from another time, and there are lovely carved and painted details all over. Seating for two on the covered porch, and inside there’s a couch/bed taking up the back of [...]

One-of-a-kind Flatbed Truck Tiny Camper via MtnMurph FOR SALE 001

One-of-a-kind Flatbed Truck Tiny Camper

This is a one-of-a-kind flatbed truck tiny camper that’s for sale via the Tiny House Marketplace. It’s described as a true land yacht and nicknamed The House of Seven Rivers. It was built in 2010, features about 112-sq.-ft. of space, and the asking price is $95,000 and that does not include the truck you see [...]

Covered Wagon with Victorian Interior at Dude Ranch in Nevada

Covered Wagon with Victorian Interior at Dude Ranch in Nevada

This Covered Wagon at the Sandy Valley Dude Ranch has all kinds of “Little House on the Prairie” vibes, with far more comfort than the Ingalls ever experienced. Inside, the cowboy wagon has all kinds of fun Victorian decor to make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. Scott and Ashley of the Hive [...]

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