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Off The Grid on an Island for 6 Days

Here’s a fun video on going off the grid on an island for six days. It’s called Little Deadman’s Cay in the Bahamas — there is only one house on the nine and a half acre island and that’s where he stays with his wife. The house does have its amenities like solar panels and [...]


Vermont Garden Cottage

Kelly submitted a photo of her Vermont Garden Cottage.  It’s a 6 x 8 garden studio that her husband Joe designed and built it himself.  I thought it was pretty impressive for his first building project. They spent just $200 on costs for it and it was made with mostly recycled materials.  Read more about [...]


Tiny Trucks

David (thanks!) sent me this link to a dealer in Louisiana who deals with miniature trucks and vans.  They’re much smaller than what we’re used to here in the U.S. and are much better with gas mileage.  I can see how trucks like these will gain popularity due to their fuel efficiency and usefulness. [sniplet [...]


Building a Passive Solar Greenhouse

The total cost to construct this was $3,275 in 2005. Prices have gone up since. Sources http://aes.missouri.edu/bradford/education/solar-greenhouse/solar-greenhouse.php http://aes.missouri.edu/bradford/education/solar-greenhouse/construction/index.php http://esmaa.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/an-indoor-three-sisters-garden/ Photo credit: University of Missouri, Bradford Research and Extension Center


Tiny Houses in the Spotlight with Jay Shafer

It’s been announced that Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. will be in the National Spotlight this Sunday. He’ll be on the front cover of Parade magazine. The front cover reads, “In a tough economy, Americans are downsizing in all sorts of ways.” It’s in their annual report titled Where Americans Live. The magazine [...]


400 Square Foot Apartment Tour

This video tours a 400 square foot apartment that seems to be at the heart of Barcelona. They lived their when it was just the two of them. From what I understand they have grown out of it as a family. Their Starter Apartment… 376-sq.-ft. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; [...]


Tiny Interior Design – Modern Miniatures

Article about miniature modern houses that are becoming popular. But I’m not talking about REAL tiny houses here… These are models. Sort of like doll houses but intended for design (and for fun). I know that there’s been one person known to do something like this within the tiny house community: Mark’s Tiny House Project. [...]