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Beautifully-Crafted Vardo-Style Tiny House For Sale!

This gorgeous handcrafted vardo-style tiny house is for sale for $55K in Washington. It’s much bigger than many of the vardos we see, and has a kitchenette, dining area, bathroom (with composting toilet and shower), as well as a fixed queen-sized bed in the back of the trailer. An electric oil-filled marine heater will keep [...]

Her Third Truck Camper

Her Third Truck Camper & Four Years on the Road

Rachel loved backpacking internationally with her sister and eventually moved to Brazil where she fell in love and got married. The relationship ended suddenly, leaving her to build a new life with her dog. For a year, she lived out of her car but eventually upgraded to her current truck. Her first inexpensive truck camper [...]

Medieval Style Tiny House on Wheels 23

Medieval-Style Tiny House on Wheels with Balcony

Take a look at this 274-square-foot tiny house that’s for sale in Motley, Minnesota. By far, the most notable feature of this tiny house is the balcony, which you access via a door in the loft bedroom. Not only does it act as a necessary fire exit, but it provides you with a lovely spot [...]

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Former Professional Theatre People Traveling North America w: Kids in an RV 11

Family & Pets Enjoying Cross-Country Road Trip

The O’Phalen family was just going to enjoy a summer away exploring a remote part of Maine, but that led to a year staying in Airbnbs which finally led them to RV life! They contacted us to share their awesome RV conversion and tell us more about their life. Enjoy hearing from them below. Don’t [...]

He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop 7

He Spent 26 Days and $3k Building His Teardrop Camper

Phil, a professional woodworker, was going to archery competitions where he would camp in a tent. It was always a bit annoying setting up camp, but the nail in the coffin came the day his tent got entirely flooded by the rain at an annual event. After that, he decided to challenge himself and build [...]

Utility Trailer Hides a Secret Treehouse 2

Utility Trailer Hides a Secret Treehouse

Caley was tired of living with roommates and spending so much money on rent in Boulder, Colorado, so he decided to convert a utility trailer into the ultimate stealth home on wheels! While the outside looks like a metal box, the interior has magical Hobbit-hole vibes with hand-carved and hand-sculpted wooden elements. Since he lives [...]

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Touring as Musicians After Losing Gov’t Contract

Touring as Musicians After Losing Gov’t Contract

Steve and Raena were living a typical American life and Steve had a great job as a government contractor where he made lots of money. But when 2020 hit, the government cancelled the contract and Steve had no work. But instead of getting depressed, the couple jumped at what they saw as an opportunity to [...]