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Rebecca’s 10×30 20

Rebecca’s 10×30 THOW with Standing Room Loft

While loft bedrooms can be unpractical, the lofts that MitchCraft has been putting in their THOWs are a perfect compromise: There’s a landing where you can stand to get ready and put away clothes, and then a platform for the bed that’s more of a true “loft.” But this lovely home has more than a [...]

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Lisa’s 30×10 Tiny Home 22

Her Cozy 10×30 MitchCraft Tiny House

While we see a lot of bright white farmhouse tiny houses these days, Lisa bucked the tide by choosing an ultra-cozy color palette for her MitchCraft Tiny House on Wheels! Moody dark wood tones, warm stone colors, and striking custom windows make this a tiny home you’ll want to admire again and again. Yes, it [...]

Milanda Tiny House with Home Office 16

His Full Time Tiny House with a Home Office

The Milanda tiny house from Baluchon is their latest beautiful build designed for owner, Philippe. Since remote work has become a normal part of his life, he asked for a dedicated office space. They tucked a desk under the staircase and separated it from the rest of the home with a wooden partition. His bedroom [...]

Pause House PM 560 sq foot studio style 16

560 sq.ft. Studio Style “Pause House”

The “Pause House” is just that, a gorgeous spot where you can pause from the rat race of every day and find solace in a cozy modern cabin nestled in Yucca Mesa. The 560 square foot studio has all the luxuries of home and more — like a hot tub and soaking pool with dazzling [...]

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CrossRoads Park Model Tiny Home 9

CrossRoads Park Model Tiny Home

Love a park model? These high-quality ones are built by CrossRoads Tiny Homes in Texas. They are real 2×4 construction and built to last! They have a number of floor plans available to suit your needs. The one below has a country/farmhouse vibe with a super spacious main bedroom in the back that makes it [...]


206 Sq. Ft. Modern Scandinavian Fritz Tiny Home

This is a 206 sq. ft. modern Scandinavian-style custom-built tiny house from Fritz Tiny Homes. They dubbed this one “The Fritz”. It features lots of windows to provide plenty of natural light into this beautiful space. There’s a full kitchen, luxury bathroom, tall loft, and tons of storage space. Enjoy the photos and virtual tour [...]

Her THOW w First Floor Bedroom on Island Property

Her Island Tiny House with a First Floor Bedroom

Remember the Halloween house from last week? Here’s a full tour! Shelley lives in a gorgeous 36 x 8 ft. tiny house on Whidbey island off the coast of Washington. She purchased land there after her divorce, and her professionally-built tiny home is a temporary housing situation while she gets approval and financing for a [...]

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