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The High Tech and Affordable Kasita Tiny House: The Next Revolution in Housing?

Remember Professor Wilson? He’s the teacher I once told you about who took a dumpster and turned it into a tiny home and then followed through by living in it for 10 months! That’s right! He actually lived in a converted DUMPSTER for ten months (happily)! And now, according to Kirsten Dirksen, Jeff Wilson is [...]

Transparent Solar Panel Windows

Transparent Solar Panels to be used as Windows to Power Your Home?

This is how one day your windows can help power your home using transparent solar panels as windows! If you’re interested in learning how that works, watch the video and links below! Would you consider using solar panel windows for your tiny or small house if/when they become available? Solar Panel Windows?! Yes.. Video: Transparent Solar Panels [...]

Tiny Solar House

Tiny Solar House: Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

This tiny solar house was designed and built by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society. I found them on Facebook not long ago and wanted to share their tiny home with you because it has three Silicon Energy PV modules, solar air heat, and even solar hot water. The SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) came from The [...]