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Weller Tiny House Plans by Jay Shafer (On Sale)

Just wanted to let you know that the Weller Tiny House Plans by Jay Shafer are on sale and 40% off through July 10th, 2014 so right now is a great time to buy them (if you’re reading this before 7/10/14). This is a 115 sq. ft. tiny house design built on a 7′ x [...]


Tiny House Magazine Issue 18

I wanted to let you know that Tiny House Magazine Issue 18 by Kent Griswold has just been released. It’s almost 60 pages of tiny housing goodness in digital PDF form so you can either print it out, read it on your Kindle, iPad, or any other device really. Many of you are already familiar with [...]


The 115 Sq. Ft. Weller Tiny House on Wheels by Jay Shafer

The Weller Tiny House on wheels is one of Jay Shafer’s latest designs since forming his new Four Lights Tiny House company. And in the recent years, I think he’s made some great improvements to his previous designs most of which are now retired. But right now I want to get your focus on the [...]


Limited Edition ‘Live. Simply.’ T-Shirt Sale (Sold Out)

I’ve been wanting to create clothing (especially tee shirts) dedicated to simple living and tiny housing for a while now. And it isn’t until right now that Tiny House Talk’s first ever t-shirt has been offered. That’s right- my first t-shirt design is available right now. I partnered with a great company that specializes in t-shirts. And this ‘Simple. [...]


She Built a 196 Sq. Ft. Micro Home for $11k

If you’ve been discouraged by tiny house prices lately think again. Macy Miller of Mini Motives was able to design and build her own DIY tiny house for just $11,000. And now… she’s offering the plans so if you want, you can build one just like it. More information on that below. The 196 sq. [...]


Tumbleweed Trailers to Build Your Tiny House

Acquiring and preparing a trailer for your future tiny house can be stressful and costly but it’s one of the most important parts of your tiny house if you’re building mobile because it’s your foundation. For most people, the trailer is actually the single most expensive item that you’ll buy for your tiny home. And [...]

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