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School Bus Conversions

Founders of Skoolie Swarm and their Big Blue Hauler 2

Founders of Skoolie Swarm and their Big Blue Hauler

Travis and Michelle first hit the road in their original converted school bus back in 2016 when they were going to visit their daughter. They met other skoolie folks and attended other tiny house festivals and started to feel the tug to jump all-in instead of just doing the occasional trip. When lockdown hit, it [...]

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Fully Converted off grid School Bus for Sale

Fully Converted Off Grid School Bus

This is a fully-converted off-grid school bus that’s a great blend between professional and DIY! The solar, plumbing and deck were all professionally installed, while the rest was wonderfully built out by the original owner. There’s a secret hide-out/second bedroom under the main bed that looks super cozy! The bathroom has a Nature’s Head composting [...]

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The Juniper Gypsy Has a Hidden TV, Swivel Driver’s Seat and Tiled Shower. 3

Their Raised Roof School Bus Conversion

Bryant is no stranger to living tiny! He had spent almost a year living in a van (and not a converted van, just a van he slept in) before deciding he wanted something homier and purchased a bus. He later met Arissa, traveled and worked with her, and then they got to building out this [...]

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His Skoolie Has a Fire Pit on the Roof! 2

His School Bus Conversion has a Rooftop Fire-pit!

Brian self-converted his “Wazabus” (was-a-bus) and it accidentally became his full-time job! Others were so impressed they started asking him to work on their rigs, and he was able to quit his old job and do this while traveling around the country. He even has a dedicated “tool shed” on the back of the bus [...]

Runabout Short School Bus Conversion For Sale 001

Off-Grid Runabout Short School Bus Conversion For $32,500

This is a 1993 GMC 3500 short school bus conversion known as ‘The Runabout’ that is available for sale for $32,500 (just reduced from $35,000) out of Richmond, Virginia. The bus conversion has 199k miles on it, four windows on one side of the bus, 820 watts of solar panels, a compost toilet, backup camera, [...]

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pro ultimate frisbee player’s $13K Skoolie

Pro Ultimate Frisbee Player’s $13K Skoolie

With the help of her dad and tons of thrifty finds, Kaetlynn’s bus conversion came in around just $13,000 (including the cost of her bus!). She estimates it would have cost double that — or more — if she hadn’t had the time to wait for good deals or the perfect Marketplace gem! Kaetlynn is [...]

Artist’s School Bus Conversion w Studio & Hammock 4

Artist’s School Bus Conversion w/ Studio & Hammock

When he was younger, Steve really wanted a hammock in his bedroom. Despite promising his parents he would hang it in the studs, they firmly said no to the idea. So you’ll love the look of pure joy on his face as Steve shows off the hammock he hung in his short bus conversion! A [...]

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