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School Bus Conversions

Miles O’ Smiles bus 1.5 Years of Buildling

1.5 Years Building his $3,000 School Bus Tiny Home

Johnny got his bus for $3,000 — and it needed a lot of work, especially regarding rust! A year and a half later, he was able to move into his truly beautiful skoolie. He made sure to keep his two large dogs in mind when building, making them a comfortable under-bed lounge area and making [...]

Twin Sisters Run Women-Empowering Skoolie Conversion Business

Twin Sisters Building School Bus Conversions

Courtney and Cassidy are two amazing women who have overcome devastating challenges in their personal lives and created a women-empowering business, converting school buses into tiny homes! You won’t want to miss our Q&A with the sisters, which tells the story of how one sister escaped domestic violence and the other found her strength in [...]

Backpackers Turn Buslifers in Awesome Shuttle Conversion. 3

From Backpacking to DIY Shuttle Bus Conversion 

Kate and Sam were tired of their corporate lives and sold everything to travel the world, living out of a backpack. A year and a half into their world-wide tour, borders started closing, and they suddenly had to move back to the States. They lived with Kate’s mom for about three months before thinking that [...]

Retirees Hit The Road in Their Skoolie w a Tub. 3

Retired Couple’s Skoolie Adventure: On the Road with a Tub

Karen and Chris worked hard and raised six children together, but for their retirement, they’ve hit the road in a self-converted skoolie to see more of the country! While they miss their kids, it’s been so fun to travel around together. Their conversion is beautiful, and it’s fun to see a skoolie with no roof [...]

Empty Nesters Choose Bus Life Pre-Retirement 3

Empty Nesters Choose Bus Life Pre-Retirement

Tom and Jodie aren’t quite retirement age, but with an empty nest they were ready for a new chapter and didn’t want to wait another 20 or so years of work to get there! So they sold their home, purged a lifetime of belongings, and built out a Bluebird bus. Their 35-foot bus got a [...]

Wedding Photographers’ Family Skoolie Life

Wedding Photographers’ Family Skoolie Life

Megan and Landon work as wedding photographers and videographers while traveling in their self-converted skoolie with an 18-inch roof raise! It feels incredibly spacious inside, even while they share it with their 15-month-old toddler. The toddler has a really cool set-up, with a pull-out closet filled with tiny clothes on tiny hangers, and a bed/crib [...]

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How a Trip to Iceland Inspired Their Skoolie Life

This couple ran into a coffee shop in skoolie while traveling in Iceland, and that sparked something inside of them. Before they knew it, they converted their own short bus, so they could hit the road. Their bold blue bus has a cozy interior, with dark wood and paint, that makes it feel like a [...]