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746sf Cottage on Stilts by Deltec Homes 001

746-sq.-ft. Prefab Cottage by Deltec Homes

This is a 746-sq.-ft., 2-bedroom prefab home on stilts by Deltec Homes. I know it’s not very tiny, but we love featuring small homes too! It’s a one-story, 32-ft. diameter energy-efficient compact home that’s available as a shell or turnkey. The shell starts at $75,000-$118,000 depending on your options while the turnkey begins from $290,000-$450,000. [...]


They’re Building Sustainably with Hempcrete Blocks

JustBioFiber is a company that has found a solution to many of hemp’s shortcomings when it comes to building. While “hempcrete” alone can’t be loadbearing, the epoxy block centers give the hemp structural integrity. It also makes it easy to run electrical wires inside the blocks. As you can imagine from the pictures, building with [...]

Tiny House Workshop in the Catskills May 13-15 5

Tiny House Workshop in the Catskills May 13-15

The Catskills Tiny House Workshop is a one-of-a-kind event where you not only learn everything you need to know about designing and overseeing the build of your little space, you get to *stay* in a tiny house and enjoy the inner workings of tiny house living for a weekend. The workshop costs $495 which includes [...]

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Tiny house towing

Tiny House Towing & Transporation: Companies to Consider!

While some tiny homes are small or light enough to transport on your own with the right vehicle, others like Park Models, or oversized homes, are best left to professional moving companies. Or maybe you just don’t want the risk of DIY-ing such an important thing — no shame hiring professionals. It’s your home after [...]


Catskills Tiny House Workshop Nov. 19-21, 2021

Here’s your chance to enjoy an awesome in-person tiny house workshop where you’ll get to stay in a tiny house as well as tour and try out a number of tiny layouts and styles, including a yurt! Fix a meal in one of the kitchens, check your mail via the wi-fi, try out a composting [...]

THT NZ Tiny Home Builders

List of New Zealand Tiny House Builders

This is a list of New Zealand-based Tiny House Builders. From tiny homes on wheels to other small structures, you’ll find a list of builders right here on this page. So if you’re a New Zealander, and are interested in going tiny without necessarily building the tiny house yourself, well, you’re in luck because here [...]

THT Van Builders

Van Conversion Companies – Build or Buy Your Dream Van

Looking to get into van life, but not quite into converting a van yourself? No worries, that’s why there are van conversions already for sale, and that’s also why there are companies completely dedicated to converting vans for people like you, completely custom, too. But you might also find, that for some people (maybe you?) [...]