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Bumblebee Automated Furniture Comes Down from the Ceiling! 5

Bumblebee Automated Furniture Comes Down from the Ceiling!

We’ve seen elevator beds before, but what about elevator storage or an elevator office? Bumblebee Spaces has solved the problem with tiny spaces by creating whole ceiling-affixed rooms that can be lowered at the touch of a button. While there’s all kinds of multi-purpose furniture, Bumblebee Spaces makes it really easy to move from mode [...]

ClosetBoom Compact Solution for Hanging Clothes in a Tiny Home 2

Expanding, Space-Saving Closet Solution for Tiny Homes and Other Spaces

In a tiny house, using every inch of space is of utmost importance. That’s why the closet!BOOM! system is such a great way to organize your hanging clothing in a compact area. This innovative closet rod allows you to hang clothing on special thin hangers and then push the whole arm flat against the wall. [...]


REVIEW: Jackery 1500 Solar Generator + 4 x SolarSaga 100W Panels

This is a review of the Jackery 1500 lithium power station with 4 SolarSaga 100W panels. I’ve used it to charge my electric bicycle even while on the road, for running a fan outside under a picnic table while charging my laptop, camera, drone, and smartphone too. But those are just little things. The Jackery [...]


2021 Tiny House Bundle: 28 Tiny House Plans, eBooks, and Courses

This is the 2021 Tiny House Bundle sale where you can have 28 tiny house plans, ebooks, and courses. Please remember, this is a time-sensitive offer. If you were to buy the entire collection separately it would cost you $1250, but for a limited time (offer ends Saturday, April 10, 2021, at Noon EST) you [...]

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ROBA Laundry Hamper Designed For Laundromats

This is Nathan Housberg’s ROBA Laundry Hamper Invention which is going live on Kickstarter October 1st. After being frustrated using the laundromats as a student at Brown University, he came up with the idea for a laundry hamper that you could zip up and just throw in the washer and it would keep all of [...]