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Park Model Tiny Homes

Park model tiny homes are also built on trailers so they’re very similar to tiny houses on wheels but they’re much larger! Instead of being limited to only 8.5-feet wide legal road width, these units are usually around 10-feet wide and 40-feet long. As you can imagine, this gives you a lot more space!

So if you’re someone who’s interested in going tiny but are worried that it might be too much of a stretch (or should I say, tight fit) for you, then maybe a park model THOW is a good option for you!

The main difference is that it’s bigger, heavier, and not as fun or easy to move. So it’s great if you want to stay put in a while and find an alternative to condominiums, apartments, or other higher priced homes.

Park models can be the perfect in-between because it’s not too tiny, your appliances are full-size, you still get a regular bedroom with a closet, and things like that. So what do you think, could a park model tiny house be the right home for you? Take a look to find out!

The Phoenix Tiny 8 Ft Wide THOW

The Phoenix Tiny House with Covered Porch

This is the Phoenix Tiny House by Phoenix Park Model Homes. While the family-owned company — based in Douglass, Georgia — primarily builds park models, this smaller unit is within road limits and towable by a truck. It has a built-in covered porch and a first-floor, private bedroom! The best part is that this model [...]

She Lives in a Tiny House on an Animal Sanctuary!

She Lives in a Tiny House on an Animal Sanctuary!

Maya is an incredible woman who dreamed of conservation work and used technology and creativity to build an animal sanctuary for 35 animals who cannot be released back into the wild. She even has her own little habitat on the 15-acre property—a 380-square-foot tiny house where she lives with her two dogs and pet ferret. [...]

Elegant Park Model Home w: Large Loft

Elegant Park Model Cabin with Large Loft

This elegant park model home has a warm cabin-like interior that would make you feel like every day is vacation. The front of the home has a covered porch, which is one of the nicest features of many park models. You walk inside to a spacious living room boasting vaulted ceilings. Beyond the living room, [...]

RVIA Park Model THOW w: No Lofts 3

Park Model Tiny House with Covered Porch

One incredible perk of park models is often the built-in covered porches with the units! The square footage doesn’t count toward the 399 square feet of interior living space, so you get an outdoor living room. The other great feature is that the wider footprint makes it easier to fit a first-floor bedroom inside, which [...]

Her Sunflower Tiny House

Her Sunflower Tiny House in Tiny House Village

Cindy fell in love with tiny homes back in 2017, and by 2019 she had moved into Phase 2 of Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina. At the time, she was only the third house in the second phase, and now the village is full of other amazing tiny homes. She wanted a [...]

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Thuya Compact Park Model. 10

Sleek & Modern 10-Foot-Wide Tiny House

Meet Thuya! She’s the smallest “park model” tiny house that Minimaliste offers, but she’s packed full of great features. Minimaliste considers any of their 10-foot-wide homes park models, since you’ll need a special escort to move them. This design has a cozy living room area when you first walk in, with a built-in entertainment center. [...]

Vegan’s Park Model Tiny Home in Village

Vegan’s Park Model Tiny Home in Village

Kim has lived in her park model log cabin for five years, and it’s the perfect home base for her job, which requires frequent travel. She and her cat enjoy relaxing on the screened-in front porch that looks out on the beautiful tiny house village she calls home. The home has all the amenities she [...]

Denali Extreme Yellowstone Style 5

Denali Extreme: Yellowstone-Inspired Park Model

United Tiny Homes recently completed what they called a Yellowstone-inspired take on their most popular model, the Denali. This “Denali Extreme” is a certified park model, allowed in many RV parks across the country! The home has one loft bedroom beneath a recessed ceiling which you reach via storage stairs. The living room boasts an [...]

12 x 28 portable log cabin 10

12 x 28 Portable Log Cabin in Arkansas!

This portable log cabin for sale in Arkansas features everything you need for full-time living, including a private first-floor bedroom, which could also work as an office or flex room since there’s a loft bedroom. The main living area has vaulted ceilings and plenty of room for a couch, and it blends seamlessly into the [...]

Fully-Furnished Former Airbnb for Sale 2

Fully-Furnished Park Model Tiny House for Sale

One of the great features of park models is that the majority of them make space for a private ground-floor bedroom! This one for sale for $85,000 in La Vernia, Texas is no exception. The home has a standard layout, with an open-concept living room and kitchen at the front of the home, and a [...]

400 sq. ft. Anchored Tiny Home in Island Cove Park Community

400 sq. ft. Anchored Tiny Home in Island Cove Park Community

Look at this beautiful park model tiny house that’s for sale in the Island Cove Mobile and Tiny Home Community in Durango, Colorado. Originally built by Anchored Tiny Homes, it’s now for sale by the owner, and you can likely take over the lease at the community (or buy the home and pay to transport [...]

Tiny on the Tundra 9

Tiny on the Tundra: 399 sq. ft. on 35 Acres!

This “Sweet Haus” is 399-square-foot park model that Ann Marie and her family placed on 35 acres on the Colorado tundra! Dubbed “Tiny on the Tundra,” it was a perfect solution to the lack of affordable rentals in their town. They had the park model shipped from South Carolina and then later built a large [...]

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Rustic Orca Model 45

Rustic Version of the Two Bedroom ORCA Park Model Cottage

Earlier we showed you the latest version of the ORCA model by Mint Tiny Homes, and that one had an airy coastal design. But this rendition of the same layout has a more rustic feel, with exposed dark wood beams and accents throughout that make it feel more like a cabin than a cottage. At [...]

Orca Single Level Park Model Home 3

Orca: Single Level Park Model Home with Two Bedrooms!

Park model tiny homes provide such awesome opportunities for innovative layouts because you can easily go beyond that 8 ft. 6 in. width road limitation. You’ll see that this “small” home (528 sq. ft.) is incredibly spacious because it’s a whole 12 feet wide! It’s also 44 feet long, which makes space for not one, [...]

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Urban Park Max 13

Urban Park Max: Luxurious Ground Floor Bedroom!

TruForm Tiny is at it again with the newest version of their luxurious park model, the Urban Park Max. This modern design is a whopping 39 feet long (and it looks like at least 10 feet wide), which gives plenty of space for a full kitchen and a spacious ground-floor bedroom with built-in storage. Natural [...]

Amazing 12-foot-wide Park Model w Ground Floor Bedroom 6

Amazing 12-foot-wide Park Model with Ground Floor Bedroom

While a park model’s extra-wide size definitely makes it tricker to move, there’s nothing quite like a 12-foot-wide tiny house in terms of roominess. This particular model, the El Dorado from Ovat Tiny Homes, makes excellent use of the space with tons of cabinets/storage areas that would make it easy to live in this 480-square-foot [...]

Park Model Tiny Home in Colorado Village For Sale 10

Park Model Tiny Home in Colorado Village For Sale

I’m always excited when we stumble over tiny homes that already have a space you can park them, since that’s one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when it comes to living tiny. This park-model tiny home is in Bayfield, Colorado in the MarLin Village we showed you a couple of weeks ago. The house [...]

Truformtiny’s Villa Max to the Max 10

10-ft. Wide Villa Max Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

Tru Form Tiny always does amazing work, and their latest Villa Max version is no exception. This park model tiny house is 10 feet wide, and oh what a difference it makes in how spacious it feels! The kitchen in particular can fit a large island, which nearly triples the counter space available. You’re sure [...]

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Tiny House Duplex: Escape 40-ft. Double Boho Tiny House

Well, here’s something different! A tiny house duplex. Built for the original portion of the ESCAPE tiny house village in Tampa, this double Boho was built for Palm Court. It’s not for sale anymore, but seeing the idea is fun! Now, one of the units could still be available for rent. It’s listed right here [...]