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Tiny Homes with No Lofts

Mid-Century 564 sq. ft. N1 66

Mid-Century Modern N1 Home at The Oaks Village in Florida

The N1 is the largest of the homes at The Oaks tiny house village in Tampa, Florida. Specially designed for the community, it boasts a spacious 564 sq. ft. (not including the large deck outside) and not one, but two bathrooms! All on one level, the home is perfect for retirement-age folks who want to [...]

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The Last Tiny House at the Oaks Village 1

The Last Tiny House at the Oaks Village in Florida!

This is the *last* tiny house at the Oaks Village! Lot-14 is a Boho XLS that is extra wide and extra long, providing you with a spacious — yet tiny — home on wheels. ESCAPE does have plans to expand their village in the future, but that will take at least a year or longer [...]

Lara by Goodwater Tiny Homes 770

Lara Model Tiny House with Private First Floor Bedroom

The Lara Model is a stunning luxury tiny house model from Goodwater Tiny Homes with the much-desired private first-floor bedroom. This 35-foot tiny house comes in either 9 feet wide or 11.5 feet wide, but both options provide plenty of space. The kitchen sits in the middle of the home, with an oven and apartment-size [...]

Amazing Cave Home in Spanish Valley w Pool

Historic Cave Home in Spain

This historic cave home in Andalucía, Spain is one of 30 homes owned by Balcones de Piedad’s Caves in Guadix- Granada. They’ve renovated seven of the structures so far, keeping them as traditional as possible while offering modern conveniences. Incredibly enough, these cave homes have been around for centuries! This one features a comfortable kitchen [...]

16 Ft. Incred-i-Box She Bought After Getting SCAMMED 3

She Bought This $20K Tiny House

Karen is one determined woman! Her tiny living dream started after her youngest child moved out. At first, she sold her home and traveled in an RV, but she really wanted more of a house. She put a down payment on a home from a tiny house builder, only to find out some months later [...]

14 ft. THOW for just $34.9K! 11

14-ft. Tiny House for $35K

The Tiny Blue Nell is one adorable tiny house! And it doesn’t even have a loft, despite the short 14′ length. Instead, a futon couch provides a spot to sleep (although a Murphy bed would make a great addition). There’s a 3/4 bathroom at the back of the house and a little kitchen with a [...]

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2023 Tiny House on 1998 JAMC Gooseneck Trailer 1

Railway-Inspired Gooseneck Tiny House

Meet “The Road Boss,” a railway-car-inspired Gooseneck tiny house built this year on a 1998 JAMC trailer. The whole home has a comfy vintage vibe and uses the best materials for a luxury finish. The gooseneck bedroom fits a queen-sized bed and has tons of necessary headroom. There’s a built-in couch/bench with additional storage and [...]

Brushland’s Owl Nest 8

Owl Nest Cabin on Bramley Mountain

This rustic cabin on Bramley Mountain in New York has been named the “Owl Nest” and it’s easy to see why. Tucked in a clearing among hundreds and thousands of trees, this two-story home with a covered porch welcomes weary travelers for a weekend retreat. Downstairs, there’s a quaint kitchen and living room facing a [...]

Wizard’s Roost at Underhill Hollow 2

Wizard’s Roost Cabin with Whimsical Kids Door

This is such a fun little cottage located on the mythical grounds of Yale School of Magic. Dubbed the “Wizard’s Roost,” it’s a fantastical space with a beautifully painted front door that hides a mini “halving door” for kids to use. In addition to a comfortable queen-sized bed, there’s a bathroom with a shower stall [...]

BohoXL ESCAPE for sale

All-Electric e-Boho-XL Tiny House Available Now with a $7.2K Discount

This is a fresh-off-the-assembly-line eBoho XL from ESCAPE with some great upgrades — and it’s for sale now for a $7.2K discount. The one-floor design allows for a comfortable queen-sized bed with room to walk all around it and plenty of storage beside and below the bed. There are stone countertops in the kitchen that [...]

HGTV Tiny Paradise THOW For Sale 53

Double Slide Out Tiny House with Decks and Murphy Bed

This tiny house was built in 2018 for “Tiny Paradise” on HGTV. After being lovingly owned for five years, it’s on the market now! It has a lot of fun features like two fold-down decks, an awning and two slide-outs to make the interior extra spacious. The gooseneck tiny house has no loft, but rather [...]

AirShip 2 w Dragonfly Windows. 3

AirShip 2 Tiny House with Dragonfly Eye Windows in Scotland

Roderick James designed this amazing aluminum pod which he calls the “AirShip 2” and it’s set up in a magical location in Scotland overlooking the Sound of Mull. Giant “dragonfly” windows on the front and back allow you to soak in the scenery. Inside, there’s everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay, including a well-appointed [...]

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Mitchcraft June 23

Casey’s Sleek & Modern MitchCraft Tiny Home

This might be one of the most modern tiny homes we’ve seen from MitchCraft Tiny Homes, but it’s proof positive that MitchCraft can do sleek and minimal! Casey’s gooseneck THOW has it all, and it’s done with amazing craftsmanship. I’m not sure if my favorite part is the pebble-tiled floor in the bathroom with a [...]

Minimaliste Nomad No Loft THOW 13

Minimaliste Nomad Tiny Home For Sale

Meet the Minimaliste Nomad, a gorgeous 200-square-foot tiny house that’s for sale right now. Its claim to fame is a separate first-floor bedroom, which makes it friendly to those who don’t want a loft. There’s also a dinette that turns into a twin-sized bed for kids or guests. The bathroom inside features a mini tub [...]

Does This Econolodge Have the Best Bathhouse Ever

Tiny Cabins in the Tennessee Mountains

Daymon did a lot of research about other eco retreats and glamping resorts and found the biggest complaint across the board was with the bathhouses. So he determined to win the bathhouse war and make the nicest glamping showers you’ve ever seen! They have endless hot water, multiple shower heads, exposed copper piping, and mirrors, [...]

Upper Valley of Vermont Tiny House on 50 Acres 14

Upper Valley of Vermont Tiny House on 50 Acres

This is a truly luxurious two-story tiny house with a fun, eclectic style that’s sure to give you a romantic getaway. It sits in a clearing on 50 acres of Vermont farmland and has all the quaint charm you’re looking for. What I love about this tiny house is there are two stories. The bedroom [...]

The N1 at ESCAPE Village Now Has a Carport

Amazing Mid-Century Small Home in Village For Sale

We showed you the N1 for the first time about a year ago, and you all loved it. Well, it’s finally in place at The Oaks, the tiny village in Tampa, Florida built by ESCAPE — and it has a carport! It’s by far the largest and most luxurious of the homes in the community. [...]

Check out a Fully-Furnished Incredi-Box 77

Check out a Fully-Furnished $25K Off-Grid Incred-i-Box!

We’ve shown you the Incred-i-Box from Incredible Tiny Homes, but you haven’t seen one like this yet! Here’s a version of the $25,000 tiny house all furnished and painted, so you can understand the great potential these affordable tiny homes have. Matt and his girlfriend are seasoned vanlifers and lived in this Incred-i-Box for a [...]

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Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 10

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse in Maine for Sale!

Looking for a tiny home with your own land? Do you enjoy a little solitude and don’t mind cold weather? This man-made island in the middle of a Maine lake is for sale, and it comes with a 450-square-foot stone cottage and a lighthouse! You can access it via a private boat dock on the [...]

Sculptural Plaster Home from the 80s

Quirky and Cozy 80s Sculptural Plaster Owl House

Looking for a unique home style? This Owl Hill House was built by artists in the 1980s and has a funky, sculptural feel. The furniture is all built into the walls and gives you a cozy Hobbit-like spot to vacation. There’s a bed, full kitchen, and bathroom, as well as a cozy round living space [...]