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12×20 Dual Lofts Bonsai Homes in Arden, NC

12×20 Bonsai Cabin in Arden, NC with Double Lofts & a Catwalk

This adorable 240-square-foot tiny house on skids in North Carolina was built by Bonsai Homes and purchased by the current owner, who has been using it as a guest space and is now interested in selling it. They’re asking $69,950, and it’ll need to be moved professionally since it’s not on a trailer. The cabin [...]

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12’x34’x11.6. 344 Square feet Skid Tiny House 12

344 sq. ft. Cabin on Skids in Newport, TN

This 344 sq. ft. tiny house on skids is for sale in Newport, TN. It has to be moved from the current location but counts as a residence (not a tiny house) in Tennessee and has been built to the International Residential Code. While the cabin has two low-clearance lofts, the main floor bedroom features [...]

His Renovated 1968 Futuro UFO Home

His Renovated 1974 Futuro UFO Home

Nick had a longtime dream of getting one of these Futuro UFO pods he used to see around town with his dad. When he noticed one of them survived the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, he was even more impressed with the design. Finally, he got the chance to have not one, but five of [...]

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419-sq.-ft. iHouse

This is the iHouse, a modern, modular tiny house in Greece. The iHouse is designed to be a self-contained house, or easily added onto with additional modular units. Below you’ll see pictures of the 419-square-foot house which is set up studio-style. You can add on square footage in certain increments, to make the house roomier [...]


Big Tiny House with a Deck

This beautiful tiny house on wheels is a park model and comes in at 399 square feet. Part of that is a stunning, covered porch area. When you walk into the living room, there’s plenty of space for a couch and nice entertainment center. The full kitchen has space for a refrigerator, an oven, and [...]

Sandpiper by Orca 2

418 Sq. Ft. Sandpiper: New Prefab Home by ORCA

Steel-built prefab homes are a new way to tackle the housing crisis, and ORCA has just released their Sandpiper model, a 418 sq. ft. tiny house that’s built using a pop-up factory — sometimes on-site! There’s no trailer, which allows for the 13-foot width that leaves the home feeling extra spacious. ORCA also takes advantage [...]

Cube 2 Nestron Newest Pictures 2

Prefab Two-Bedroom Tiny House: The Family-Friendly Nestron Cube 2

Welcome back, tiny house enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. Nestron, the renowned prefab tiny house manufacturer, is opening showrooms in Texas and California in 2023! Do you remember Nestron and the Cube and Cube 2 models we showed you? Well, there’s some exciting news! Since they are opening showrooms in [...]