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Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 11

Round, Two-Bedroom ‘Ula’ Cottage in Kenya

David and his wife worked on renovating the kitchen in this Kilifi round cottage so that his mother-in-law can live here in her retirement. The beautiful cottage has panoramic coastal views and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. The name “Ula” is the Celtic word for “seashell.” The cottage is about 40 feet in diameter [...]

If Disney Characters Had Tiny Homes!  2

If Disney Characters Had Tiny Homes!

For #DisneyDay over at Angie’s List, the creative team at NeoMam Studios crafted these amazing digital renderings of the tiny homes they think Disney characters might live in if they left their castles behind! While this is all just conceptual, I’m a softie for Disney so I just had to share these ideas! Maybe one [...]

THT NZ Tiny Home Builders

List of New Zealand Tiny House Builders

This is a list of New Zealand-based Tiny House Builders. From tiny homes on wheels to other small structures, you’ll find a list of builders right here on this page. So if you’re a New Zealander, and are interested in going tiny without necessarily building the tiny house yourself, well, you’re in luck because here [...]

THT Van Builders

Van Conversion Companies – Build or Buy Your Dream Van

Looking to get into van life, but not quite into converting a van yourself? No worries, that’s why there are van conversions already for sale, and that’s also why there are companies completely dedicated to converting vans for people like you, completely custom, too. But you might also find, that for some people (maybe you?) [...]