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Cargo Trailers

Overlanding Micro Military Camper 55

Overlanding Micro Military Camper for Solo Traveler

Juliana Rose is a fantastic woman! She started SUV-camping out of her FJ Cruiser and one day decided to do it full-time. After living out of her vehicle, she purchased and built a micro camper to give her and her two dogs more space. The 30-square-foot space was originally a military generator, but Juliana Rose [...]

Large Transporter Volkswagen and Tiny house 2

Van Life with Tow-along Storage

Roman & Ioana are based in Switzerland, and they love the freedom that living and working on the road provides them. They purchased a 1990 Volkswagen van that had been converted and did some major renovations to make it work for modern full-time vanlife. They tow along a storage trailer which allows them to keep [...]

Travel Nurse’s Cargo Trailer Conversion 3

Travel Nurse’s Cargo Trailer Conversion

Neal hasn’t had it easy — first, he had to get sober, only to find out about a cancer diagnosis soon afterward. He beat cancer and then decided he didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities. As a travel nurse, he used to rent an apartment for a few months at a time in [...]

Evolution RV Tiny House by City Design 006

Evolution RV Tiny House by City Design

This is the Evolution RV tiny house by City Design. From some angles, this tiny house looks like it doesn’t have windows, but it most definitely does! It has various window slits and the rear doors swing wide open making it a great option for a traveling artist. The tiny house is off-grid ready and [...]

Her $6K Railroad Trailer Tiny Home 3

Her $6K Railroad Trailer Tiny Home

Back in 2017, Hannah’s dad told her about the railroad trailers she could get at auction. She was only willing to bid $350 on one, and lo and behold she won the bidding! She then worked hard to renovate the trailer and make it into an artsy, cozy home on wheels. The house was built [...]

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His Wheelchair-Accessible Cargo Trailer Conversion with Elevator Bed 3

His Stealth, Wheelchair-access Cargo Camper with a Lift Bed

Robert was living in Oregon, hunting, fishing, hiking, and chasing his dreams of working at a local restaurant he admired. He had finally made it — he got the job! — when a drunk driver pinned Robert between the vehicle and a tree and Robert lost his leg. For a long time, Robert felt aimless, [...]

Chandelier and Velvet Couch in This Rapper & Undercover Treehugger’s Toy Hauler 3

Rapper’s Cargo Trailer Tiny House with Velvet Couch and Chandelier

You might remember Le’shaun’s hit rap single “Doin’ It” which she recorded with LL Cool J. Her first taste of tiny living was on the tour bus she lived on while traveling around the country. But eventually, she became the owner of a 2700 square foot house where she and her daughter lived during her [...]


Couple’s Crazy Cool Toy Hauler Conversion w/ Elevator Bed

This couple began their relationship simply — they hiked the Appilachian Trail and enjoyed nature. Then they hopped on the normal ride and were getting further into standard American life when Jordan asked Meghan if she’d like to live in a van. To his surprise, she said yes! They ended up settling on this awesome [...]

This Couple Full-Times In a 6×10 Cargo Trailer (w Shower!) 3

This Couple Full-Times In a 6×10 Cargo Trailer (w/ Shower!)

Cargo trailers make a great blank canvas for tiny home conversions. Unlike vans, they feature straight sides which are usually easier to insulate/frame. This couple did an awesome job making their trailer a true home, including a bathroom. They hang out on a futon from Amazon that turns into a comfortable Queen-sized bed. When it’s [...]

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Eric Muss-Barnes “Galatea Meridian” Toy Hauler Tiny For Sale

You might be familiar with Luthorville and Eric Muss-Barnes, a man who started an off-grid homestead in the middle of the desert, lived in his awesome tiny house, and documented the how-tos of homesteading on YouTube. He still has the land, but his toy-hauler tiny dubbed “Galatea Meridian” is now up for sale! This build [...]

She Lives in Her Micro Wagon with Her Goat! 3

Living in a Micro Wagon Tiny House with her Goat!

As a fellow goat-owner, I really didn’t believe it when I saw a woman was living in a micro wagon with — a GOAT. But the story is actually amazingly heartwarming and her goat is potty-trained. I’m still glad mine are in the barn, but her story is amazing. She purchased the handcrafted wagon from [...]

He Took 5 Shipping Containers and Created This!

Red Steel House: He Took 5 Shipping Containers and Created This!

Dashael had experience in commercial construction, making him a perfect candidate to complete this epic three-story shipping container home, built out of 5 shipping containers. While hardly tiny, the home is actually split in two — the bottom 950 square feet are Dash’s personal abode, while the top 900 square feet make up his Airbnb. [...]

He Used an ATV Winch To Create an Epic Murphy Bed in His Cargo Trailer Camper 2

He Used an ATV Winch To Create an Epic Murphy Bed in His Cargo Trailer Camper

Jim is a professional carpenter who is taking his skills to the road in his DIY cargo trailer camper he now calls home. After selling his big house of 25 years, Jim spent two months working and living in his cargo trailer, making it into a stealthy rig with room for all of his wood-working [...]

28-ft Stealth Cargo Tiny House For Sale in Florida 001

Stealthy And RV-Certified 28-ft. Cargo Trailer Tiny House

This is a stealthy and RV-certified 28-ft. cargo trailer tiny house. Well, I call it stealth but at this point it’s pretty obvious that it’s an RV since it has added windows. But other than that, one could very well assume it is still some sort of work trailer. Sometimes these are built out with [...]

Stealth Tiny House Built LIke A Cargo Trailer For Sale via Tiny Homes 2 Buy-Tiny-Home-Builders 002

24-ft. Cargo Trailer Turned Stealth Tiny House

This is a 24-ft. cargo trailer turned stealth tiny house that’s listed for $20k firm on the Tiny House Marketplace, where you can find even more tiny homes for sale. 24’x 8′.6″ with 8′ ceiling 50 amp service, 32″ shower, elongated toilet, 24″ vanity with cultural marble top, 10 cubic’ refrigerator, 24″ stove/oven, inch and [...]

Cargo Trailer Turned DIY Tiny House RV with Awning via Chatfield Court 0019

They Turned This Cargo Trailer Into A Cozy, Stealthy, And Beautiful Camper

This is the story of one couple’s beautiful, cozy, and stealthy cargo trailer tiny house conversion named Minnie. It’s a 112-sq.-ft. trailer turned into a very nice camper! Why is it so exciting? Well, when you see it you’ll understand. But it features a king bed, full bath with toilet and shower, and a flip-up [...]

Couples Cargo Utility Trailer to Camper Conversion 006

Their Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion And How They Built It

This is the story of one couple’s enclosed trailer camper project. They took a used 6 x 10 cargo trailer and turned it into a mini-camper with lots of amenities. I’m pretty sure you will find it impressive. It not only has loads of amenities, but it can also still function as a very useful [...]

Couples Cargo Trailer Tiny House Conversion 001

Cargo Trailer Stealth Camper Conversion

This is Per and Linda’s Cargo Trailer Stealth Camper Conversion. It’s custom-designed and built by one of our readers who have enjoyed it for a few years and are now making space for a new project. So please enjoy the tour, details, and if you’re interested you can reach out to them about it. What [...]

13-Foot Stealth Cargo Trailer Conversion for $5950 0015

13-Foot Stealth Cargo Trailer Conversion for $5950

This is a 13-foot stealth cargo trailer conversion tiny house for $5950. It’s ready to go off-grid with a solar system, full kitchen, bathroom, bunks, and more. Pretty impressive for its size. This cargo-like travel trailer was listed in the Nashville Craigslist. It’s built by Pee Wee Campers. More info below. Don’t miss other tiny [...]

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k 001

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k

This is a Georgia Bulldogs theme micro camping shell for $3,000 (sold). It’s a 5-ft x 8-ft cargo trailer to camper conversion designed for weekends and tailgating. The best part is that it’s light enough to be towed by almost any car or small SUV. Don’t miss other micro homes like this – join our [...]

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