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VIDEO: Northern California’s (LEGAL) Tiny House Community… Park Delta Bay

This is the story of Northern California’s legal tiny house community called Park Delta bay in Isleton, California. It’s an RV park that is home to more than 12 tiny homes! And they are all different. Rent and utilities are around $750 a month, but space is limited. And of course, that doesn’t include the [...]

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Tesla Semi RV Render by Motor1-com

Motor1.com Rendering of Potential ‘Tesla Motorhome’ Based on All-Electric Semi?

With stories of people creating their very own all-electric motorhomes and van conversions, it can’t be long before we actually see something like a ‘Tesla Motorhome’ become available, right? In fact, there’s already news of an all-electric VW bus coming back to the United States. That’s why I’m glad Motor1.com created this now viral rendering. [...]

Shaylynns beautiful tiny home 008

Tiny House Living in 2019… Tiny Acquisition, Big Headache?

This is a guest article by Shaylynn Bates – “How she got her tiny house and ways you can too” With all the articles out there about downsizing and living small, I’m sure the title of this article is very misleading. I’m not writing yet another article warning about the difficulties of living in a [...]

The Small House Book by Jay Shafer

Tiny house movement timeline: A brief history of tiny homes

This is a tiny house movement timeline… A brief history of tiny homes. How far back does the tiny house movement go? Some could argue that tiny homes have been here since the dawn of man. And it’s true, isn’t it? But for the purposes of this article, I’d like to start by skipping to [...]


Acquiring Land for Your Tiny Home: What to Look for, and What to Avoid

Tiny homes give people a chance to reconnect with the things that matter rather than the trappings of everyday life. Plus, it’s one of the most economical decisions a person can make in the face of rising inflation and increasing home prices. Though tiny homes can be a great alternative for potential home buyers, tiny [...]


Tiny Houses Aren’t Right For Everyone: And They Shouldn’t Be

Tiny House Blogger Ryan Mitchell recently posted an anti-tiny house article that appeared elsewhere on the World Wide Web. His post specifically showcased the not only negative but often ignorant comments from that original article. He made the deliberate choice not to link to the original article, which was written with a tone of superiority [...]

Tiny Houses

Tiny House Dorms

Tiny house dorms would be a great idea in a college or university setting where there is an architecture and woodworking program. Architecture Programs Building Tiny Houses To Use As Dorms The architecture students can design while the woodworking class builds tiny houses for use as student housing in a particular area of campus. Some [...]