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Tiny House Magazine Issue 123 1 88

Professional Organizer in an Airstream & Travel Anxiety: Tiny House Magazine Issue 123

Have you gotten the March issue of the Tiny House Magazine yet? Download a copy for a little distraction and to renew your dreams of tiny house living! This PDF issue includes an article on a professional organizer who lives in her Airstream, and an article on how to cope with generalized anxiety disorder while [...]

Zero-3 Backyard Studio

Build Your Dream Backyard Studio with These Free Plans

Are you looking for a backyard studio design? These free plans are for a 17×12 cabin with space for an office area and a bed/couch set up. It would be a great way to expand your living space or create a guest room. Just like all the new Zero plans, these are free to download [...]

Zero 2 Gable Roof

Build a Cozy 10×14 Cabin with Free Plans from Zero

Here are some more awesome free plans from Zero, this time for a 10×14 cabin with a Scandinavian feel. The building has a traditional gable roof and includes planning for a wood stove to keep it extra cozy. This would make a great backyard office, although you could easily add a mini kitchen without sacrificing [...]

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame 7

Get Your Free 12×16 A-Frame Plans from Zero-4

Did you see the Zero-1 A-Frame plans? Well here’s the bigger version of that design, this time including a loft and space for a bathroom, making it much more conducive to full-time living or longer-term vacation stays. The Zero-4 plans come in at 192 square feet. Remember that these plans are all free! You can [...]

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame: FREE Tiny House Plans

Get excited! The folks over at Small House Catalog now have a new website, Zero, where they are posting *FREE* tiny house plans. You select the plans and then customize them with certain details to meet your local requirements. Then you can submit the plans to the powers-that-be in your municipality and get to work! [...]

Tiny House Magazine Issue 121 5

Bad Weather Backups & Downsizing: Tiny House Magazine Issue 121

Is the RV industry a scam? How can you possibly downsize enough to go tiny? Is your tiny setup prepared for power outages and bad weather? Can anyone use power tools? The answers to these questions — and plenty more — are hidden in the pages of the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine! Plus [...]

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001 Free Tumbleweed Mica 20 Tiny House Building Plans

Four Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans for Free (2023)

Tumbleweed is giving away four tiny house plans for free! If you’re interested in building your own tiny house, looking at tiny house plans, and just learning what it might entail to build a tiny house, these 20-ft. tiny house plans from Tumbleweed could really come in handy someday when you are ready to build! [...]