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Blue Sapphire Tiny House

This is the Blue Sapphire Tiny House.

It’s built by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes in Lyons, Colorado.

They build amazing tiny houses on wheels in their off-grid facility.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Blue Sapphire Tiny House

Blue Sapphire THOW 001

© Simblissity Tiny Homes

Blue Sapphire Tiny House 001 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 002 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 003 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 004 Blue Sapphire THOW 002 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 005 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 006 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 007 Blue Sapphire Tiny House 008
Blue Sapphire THOW 003

© Simblissity Tiny Homes


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{ 15 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Canyon Man

    Very nice to see variation of wood. Nice to see a good layout with a great interior.

  • Avatar gale

    Very nice. Like everything but the snow?

  • Avatar Joanna Chanin

    The best seating I’ve seen in a tiny house. Finally seating where you can kick up your heels.

    • Avatar Alex

      Good observation, thanks Joanna!

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Nice house. Unique style on the exterior and interior. Really pretty.

    • Avatar Alex

      Glad you liked it Marsha thanks!

  • Avatar Larry Schoenemann

    Toilet is in the same room to conserve space. Remember this is a tiny home.

  • Avatar Larry Schoenemann

    Very sharp looking home. Very nice layout.

  • I love the Blue Saaphire the layout is awesome! I love how they have that gorgeous window above the storage area, it seems to bring in a lot of light. The woodwork throughout is just beautiful!! The living area is quite nice. The couch looks like there is a lot of room to sit comfortably and I’m sure it holds plenty of storage. The kitchen table seems pretty big for it’s size. The loft seems like there is a lot of room. I also love their comforter, it’s really pretty. Really nice place!! Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed viewing it!! Carol???

  • Avatar Dawn

    Nice home. The woodwork and color-scheme are very pleasing to the eye. This tiny has an open, airy look to it. I really like the sitting area with plenty of room to relax in.

  • Extremly nice house, with plenty of living room, and space for storage.. I love the colors in this one, as they have not been overly applied as you see in a lot of homes from ceiling to floors… I really like the shower stall with it’s tin blue painted roofing panels used for the walls and storage under the stairs… Very nice job indeed…! Best of luck with this one…

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