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Baby Boomer Tiny House with Slide Outs

This is a tiny house on wheels with slide outs designed with baby boomers in mind by Tiny By Design.

From the outside, you’ll notice it has a shed-style roof to maximize spaciousness when you’re inside.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan with a living area, kitchen, an abundance of storage cabinets, closet space, a bathroom, slide-out bed, and additional loft space you can use for storage or additional sleeping space.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Baby Boomer Tiny House with Slide Outs

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 001

Images © TinyByDesignHomes

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 002

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 003

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 004

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 005

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 006

A Tiny House on Wheels with Slide Outs for Baby Boomers! 007

Images © TinyByDesignHomes

Video: Tiny by Design Homes

Tiny House Road Show is happening in Cookeville, TN at the Hyder Burks Pavilion this April 1-3, 2016. You will get to see this tiny house along with others in person if you attend.


Our big thanks to Julie Geist for sharing!

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!

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{ 48 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Marcy

    Wow. Hidden useful things everywhere!

  • Avatar Sally Kokes

    I just love this!! The best design I have seen so far!!

  • Avatar Anamaria

    Really like this floor plan since I can’t climb into a loft. What’s the price?

  • Avatar Barbara

    I regularly fill my dishwasher to the brim pretty much every day and often twice a day. I cook well, cook plenty, rarely eat out, and I share food with others and it makes me happy to do that for my husband, myself, our friends, and those who have trouble feeding themselves sometimes. Those who don’t want a dishwasher can do without. I think you’re probably just hungry for a beautifully prepared meal and that’s why you’re so cranky. Visit Mama and have some cookies, ya’ll hear?

    • Avatar Paul muller

      That is funny! Very clever. Keep at it. You make a better world. God love you and all of us. Thanks

    • Avatar Kay

      God obviously has, and will continue to Bless You Barbara!!!

    • Avatar Kathy

      What a lovely person you seem to be Barbara…good comment.

  • Avatar Christine

    I admire people’s inventiveness and ingenuity! This is a great design which overcomes the THOW ‘stair’ debate. Plenty of storage, no stairs and no wasted space. It’s an out of the box solution. So many inclusions built in, it’s like the THOW Swiss Army knife. Congratulations!

  • Avatar Eugene Stiles

    A dishwasher uses 1.6 gallons of water to wash a full load. Try washing that many dishes by hand & see how many gallons you use.

    • Avatar alice h

      Some very clever pullouts and the clothes storage is almost like having a walk in closet. I especially like the pantry shelves that pull out. It’s not my decor style but that’s just cosmetic.

      As for dishwasher vs hand wash, it’s all in how you hand wash your dishes. You don’t need to fill a great big sink full of water just to clean a few dishes. You don’t even need a great big sink, you can use a basin and then the sink becomes more of a funnel to drain into your greywater system. With basins or large stainless steel bowls you can also take dish washing outside on nice days or reheat the dish water on the stove if it cools off too fast. If there are medical issues that require intensive sanitation you can use a bit of bleach in the wash water, otherwise things are clean enough with just plain old soap and hot water.

    • Avatar Kathy

      Right on Eugene!

  • Avatar David

    What’s wrong with you facebook folks (called ffs)?
    You see here one of the cleverest THOWs ever built, but you get hung up about a dishwasher (a diiiishwasher), and totally overlook all the cool features of this house?

    YOU will never be able to build anything you’ll be happy in. Get a life.

    • Avatar Porcsha

      Exactly, to each his or her own! This is an awesome THOW! Who says the dishwasher gets used!

  • Avatar Kathy

    ROFLMAO David! I agree totally. For instance those have got to be the coolest closets I have ever seen in a THOW. The kitchen cabinetry may not be in my style, but, damn, there’s a lot of it! No loft no ladder, you gotta love that. And sliders that really open up the interior. Very cool.

  • Avatar Lynn Uecker

    A well done TH inside and out. I would like to see a real time video though. Thanks for sharing

    • Avatar Barb

      This house is on Tiny House Hunters, Season 2, Episode 14. If you’re in Canada or the U.S.A., you may be able to watch it online. The price is given as $62,000.

  • Avatar Bonnie Robinson

    Very nice indeed, love the storage options, wow!

  • Avatar Michael

    Something new this slide out bed, abundance of storage and no loft. As Eugene said, a dish washer helps to preserve water and your hands.
    Although the door trim isn’t my style but tthis can be changed easy.
    Very well done.

  • Avatar Dee

    Amazing use of space. The best design I have seen that utilizes a table, benches, bed all in one area. Smart use of drawers that convert to a pull out table or desk for work. Brillant!

  • Avatar Dee

    Know where plans for this design can be found / purchased?

  • Avatar gale

    Totally awesome. This is perfect for the baby boomers who lack the mobility of the younger sets.

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    There is no mention of a base sticker price, nor are there any dimension mentioned for this DS400; not here nor on their site.
    I don’t know what all the secrecy is about; either we can afford it or we can’t, period. It’s really annoying not to have the dimensions, specs and prices on THOW’s for sale. This is just general information that should be out there. Can you imagine going to a realtor to buy, looking at houses and the realtor hiding any information about the properties and houses for sale??? This is ludicrous. Do you think that if this information is withheld that somehow we are going to be tricked into purchasing??? Like I said: either we can afford it, or we can’t and our budgets are going to dictate this, not these cute head games y’all insist on playing. Really annoying. This is like people who submit one pic of the outside and expect their THOW to sell!

    • Avatar Jaydyn

      If you go to their FB page, it gives you a lot more info -For Sale at the Tiny House Roadshow in Cookeville, TN on April 1,2 & 3, 2016. 24 foot double slide with 400sqft of living space.

    • Avatar Michael L

      Most of the questions people ask about these homes can be found by going to their websites. I don’t understand the need for so many negative comments when people have been kind enough to share their design.

      • Avatar kristinà nadreau

        Micheal. Agreed. What is the purpose of thenegative remarks. I also get tired of those who do notgo to the site for information, and then post questions to be answered by others.

  • Avatar Dawn Shea

    I love this house and would like to buy it please

  • Avatar Janette Price

    Good job and I don’t get the dishwasher controversy. It’s not your home. It’s not your water. You don’t pay the bills. So who cares whether you like it or not. If you don’t own a tiny home,stop criticizing. I love all the effort and neat little things in this home ,especially no ladders. I fell off 1 too many trying to clean gutters and limbs that fell on a flat roof. So ,I appreciate all the features and the clutter that makes it a place called HOME!!!

  • Avatar Dawn Jackson

    I love this!. I would probably want a clothes washer/ dryer combo instead of a dishwasher, and i would have to figure out how to add a thicker mattress, but other than that, this is super lovely!

    • Avatar Patricia

      Dawn, I’m wth you about the washer/dryer unit and I absolutely could not sleep on what is virtually a pad instead of a mattress.

      • Avatar Kay

        It could be a latex mattress, which are supportive and super comfy (even more so than the most expensive mattress IMHO).

  • Avatar Patrick Mills

    Great job with the storage solutions, love the open ceiling & windows, so happy you didn’t put a bed up there, & the dishwasher is a nice feature. I believe the washer & dryer could be in a additional building . I really like what you have done. Patrick

  • Avatar Brandi

    I would love to get the floor plans of this one. Lots and Lots of wonderful ideas and love the lay out.

  • Avatar Kathy

    This is a fabulous design for those not wanting to go super tiny. The only thing I don’t like are the lofts (saw it on TV last night and it has two lofts). I would want a pitched roof and more windows in the lofts.

  • Avatar Kathy

    They did give the price of it on the TV show. I think it was $66,000 or there abouts.

  • Avatar Brian

    I didn’t see the tv show. Was there any mention on how the slide outs were insulated or weather proofed? I love the idea, but I’m not sure how they would work out if you lived where you have actual winter.

  • Avatar Kristina H Nadreau

    very creative storage solutions. like the kitchen and bedroom. I am hoping their bath design is as clever and functional as the rest. Three cheers. plus a gold star. yes, I will always have a dishwasher.

  • Avatar Beverly

    Love this tiny home!! Can you send me the design?????

  • One of the best designs I have seen yet for use of space and storage in a tiny house. No loft to navigate, far more clothes storage and just plain storage period than most tiny houses. This is one tiny house that I can actually see people being able to live in long term vs living in the place until the novelty wears off. People will get sick of a place because of the lack of storage and impracticality of living in such small confines.

  • Avatar Larry Schoenemann

    Sharp home. Love the dish washer, I am not raining on your parade .

  • Avatar Linda

    Dishwasher but no oven?!?

    • Avatar Marcy

      Linda, you made me look back ’cause I could remember seeing one either. However, it is there above the refrigerator.

  • Avatar jake

    Ridiculously ingenious. Idea rich.

  • Avatar Janette Price

    Any bed I don’t have to climb up to works for me. I like it. Very nice. Starting to get concerned about all this crankiness and failure to let others be different. Just so you know,if I can fit a DW,its it’s mine,mine,mine!!!!!

  • Avatar Marion

    Love it! I agree would be 100% perfect with a washer/dryer combo somewhere…. dw is great too! This home has everything plus!

  • Avatar Ed

    Nice fresh design ideas.

  • Avatar Sadie Rayborn

    Is there any way to get the plans for this tiny home?

  • Avatar Joyce

    I have seen cabinetry like these before. Are the kitchen/closet/bed combo in a slide-out? I guess the pullouts are 30 to 36 inches but I cannot figure how they got a full or queen bed in that drawer space. If that wall unit is on the end, it adds to the length of the trailer home. Perhaps showing a drawing of the floor plan would answer my questions. That sofa on the side could easily have been a pull-out sleeper instead of using the drawer.

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