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Tiny House Parking by Ethan Waldman

I write publicly about tiny houses, but the most common question I get from my readers isn’t about the design, building techniques, or appliances. Seriously. The most common type of question I receive is about finding land for your tiny house.

As the tiny house movement grows, more and more people are becoming interested in tiny house living, yet finding safe, practical, and affordable land for your tiny house continues to be a big challenge.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that my new book, Tiny House Parking, is available on Amazon.

How to Find a Place to Build and Live In Your Tiny House

Tiny House Parking by Ethan Waldman

As a Tiny House Talk exclusive, I’d like to share a free excerpt from the book that will help you figure out where to park your tiny house while you’re building it. Scroll down to read it!

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