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This is a Shelter Wise Ciderbox design tiny home built by Wee Bitty Builders in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Wee Bitty Builders bought the design plans to build the Ciderbox, but have modified the interior to create a stunning 20′ x 8’6″ tiny home. The home has been professionally painted in a slate, white and blue color scheme that looks fresh and modern. The loft bedroom is accessible via stairs and there’s space in the kitchen for a refrigerator and induction cooktop (plus any other appliances you like). Enjoy the pictures below!

This build is for sale for $45,000 Canadian Dollars (~$33,336 USD). Get contact information for the builder on the last page.

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Wee Bitty Builders Shelter Wise Ciderbox For Sale

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Upper Mohawk Point THOW For Sale

This is an Upper Mohawk Point THOW for sale in Ontario.

It comes with both a loft sleeping area and a 7 ft 8 in x 7 ft 3 in the master bedroom on the ground level, allowing you to sleep without climbing steps! The kitchen includes a small oven, a larger refrigerator, and a beautiful tile backsplash. I love that there’s space for a sectional in the living room and the faux stone fireplace makes the whole place so warm.

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Upper Mohawk Point THOW For Sale (Downstairs Bedroom!)

Upper Mohawk Point Tiny House with Main Floor Bedroom

Images via Realtor

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