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8×16 Birchwood Tiny House

This is the 8’x16′ Birchwood Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s built by Upper Valley Tiny Homes in Pleasant Grove, UT.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

8×16 Birchwood Tiny House

8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 001

8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 002 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 003 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 004 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 005 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 006 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 007 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 008 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 009 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0010 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0011 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0012 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0013 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0014 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0015 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0016 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0017 8x16 Birchwood Tiny House 0018

Video Tour of the 8×16 Birchwood Tiny House


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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Don Lowery
    August 6, 2016, 4:51 pm

    Love this home! If you wanted to forgo the range…would you be able to use a big toaster oven with an induction cooktop and use the area for storage? He mentioned the water heater…but could you go with a tank-less on-demand water heater running off of propane or natural gas?

  • Kathy
    August 6, 2016, 5:35 pm

    Wow. For 16′ this tiny has things some 20 or 24′ THOWs don’t have – a closet for one, storage stairs, lots of kitchen storage, bathroom at the opposite end from the kitchen, and it has a sink. I am totally OK with using a couple of induction burners that can be put away, and a countertop convection oven. It is shortchanged in only one department – seating space for lounging, reading , eating etc. So, I have to say, add 3 or 4 feet in that area, and this house zis perfecto!!

  • Rich Vail
    August 6, 2016, 5:39 pm

    That one is just too small. There is no place to put a chair or table…just a kitchen and bathroom.

  • Lisa E.
    August 6, 2016, 7:11 pm

    Would love to see inside the “closet”. I’m assuming it’s a wet-bath but I’d still like to see the pictures. I like this build a LOT! This is a definite choice for traveling. Very, very nice. And the stairs are fabulous!

    • Lisa E.
      August 6, 2016, 7:22 pm

      Oops! Wow! I blew right past the full-size bathroom on the righthand side of the entry way. Thanks for the video of the inside of the closet.
      After seeing the video, I like this build even better! Great job, guys!

  • Judy
    August 6, 2016, 7:53 pm

    I am ultra impressed with this teeny tiny home! I can see it all set up with a nice large deck with a pergola and deck furniture to extend the living space. Adorable! Just one thing, though, why not just take that extension that’s over the closet and connect to the other loft? Jmo. 😀

    August 6, 2016, 8:47 pm

    It is a impressive house in deed…! I’m not crazy about the stairs though but everything else I liked…. Best of luck with it’s sale….!

    • Eric
      August 7, 2016, 8:13 pm

      Not so much not crazy about the stairs as it scares the bejeebus out of me. Crazy double dog leg design. I’d probably fall off it on the second time I’d used it.

  • Jim W.
    August 6, 2016, 10:26 pm

    For a 16′ THOW, this has some very nice features and good use of the limited space.

  • Susanne
    August 6, 2016, 11:11 pm

    It’s wonderful! No sitting area…I suppose sit in the loft when relaxing, otherwise the owner constantly ” on the go?!” ?cuts down on the cost of a TH for sure…

  • Large Marge
    August 7, 2016, 12:00 am

    Here’s a suggestion: Before your next video, invest time with your local ToastMasters. After a few visits polishing her speechifying, one of our crew was a ToastMasters ref, so she has some cred. In the first minutes of your presentation, she counted twenty-seven um um um, then laughed!

    Alongside the closet next to the hinge side of the closet, what is the black-topped white thing on the floor?

    We like no shadows while fussing about on the kitchen counters, so we would probably either mount under-cab lights, or eliminate your signature mid-wall to ceiling cabs. The second option also reduces weight aloft.

    We agree with Judy (above) about connecting the two lofts. It’s rare we agree with Judy, but there you have it.

    We agree with Don (above) about eliminating the huge heavy stand-still house stove/range, using stowable countertop appliances instead. This frees that space for a freezer or tiny pantry.

    During design school, some of our crew visited the ancient cliff-dwellings in Arizona, and recognized the befuddling cross-stepping steps to the loft. The Anasazi (“ancient ones”) designed their access to instantly identify an uninvited stranger. Back in the day, if some snoop tried to nose around their loft, the ancients probably issued vigorous scoldings-and-or-clobberings, followed by a profusion of over-the-shoulder apologies from the hastily-retreating interloper. That’s our theory…

  • Eric
    August 7, 2016, 12:42 pm

    Well… it’s tiny, alright. There is a space for a chair right across from the front door and next to the bathroom door. I think I would have chosen a frosted glass front door for the extra light. But, honestly, unless this thing sold for $25k, or something, I don’t think it’s really very practical to actually live in full time for very long. Also a bit curious why the kitchen has a step up to it. I do agree with the comments about it having a closet. I would also have used open shelves instead of cabinets and have stowaway induction burners and convection, and save the oven space for a pantry.

    Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no way I could live in 8′ deep. I live in 10×25, no loft, and it’s cozy. Another foot or two deeper would be minimal for longer term living, so pop-out are the onlt way to go, in my mind. Murphy bed, too. No loft. I think these things need to be designed for older people who need/want to downsize and reduce their monthly expenses. Old people don’t want to be climbing stairs.

  • alice h
    August 7, 2016, 1:30 pm

    I like the overall design and build but the closet and steps chop up the space and make it difficult to have a sitting area even though they do offer storage. I would rather accommodate the things in the closet in the kitchen cabinetry or integrate the stairs and closet. It may mean skipping the washer but I would value a downstairs lounge area more. In a 16′ THOW you need to decide which functions are more important to you so this may be ideal for many people.

  • kevin
    August 8, 2016, 9:16 am

    stairs and closet take up too much space. also, floating corner cabinets would be better off as open shelves.
    just my two cents.

  • Sandra
    August 10, 2016, 3:37 am

    Cute on the outside. The closet is to much in this small space. The hot water tank could be put in the kitchen corner cabinet and the breaker is in the wall, so a big closet isn’t necessary. In construction, built in closets like this are added to kitchens to save on the cost of cabinets. Think about it- you loose 9″ of space just to build to 2+4 walls, also the range will be up against a wall ( fire hazard) if a pot is over to far. Take closet out add 9″ cabinet and you will have (est.) 2 extra feet to sit in.- maybe fold down table?

  • Belinda
    August 23, 2016, 11:01 am

    A couple of beanbags for setting and folding stool or two in the kitchen hang them on the wall! And wha la you would be complete! Well done!

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