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576 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin For Sale with Land

This Tiny Cabin for sale was submitted by Joceile Moore

I’m excited to share this 576 sq. ft. tiny cabin for sale in Hoodsport, WA.

It’s a one bedroom and one bathroom home built in 1980 in the woods with two outbuildings and a fire pit outside.

It’s also near the Olympic National Park so you can go hiking and there are saltwater recreational activities nearby too.

Tiny Cabin For Sale in Hoodsport, WA


Images: Zillow

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Images: Zillow

It’s listed right now for $59,900. Learn more at Zillow.

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  • Avatar zjannae

    I would grab this in a minute if there were a lease option. Zillow isn’t an easy avenue to maneuver.

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