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493 Sq. Ft. Studio Style Cottage with First Floor Bedroom

This is a 493 sq. ft. studio style cottage with a first floor bedroom designed by Our Town Plans.

When you go inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan (no sleeping loft) with a bedroom, reading nook, bathroom and kitchenette.

Wouldn’t it be great to have communities with tiny homes similar to this? Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

493 Sq. Ft. Studio Style Cottage with First Floor Bedroom

493 Sq. Ft. Studio Style Cottage with First Floor Bedroom

Images © Our Town Plans

Pendleton Cottage-002 Pendleton Cottage-003 Pendleton Cottage-004

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reading nook inside small house bathroom in small house sketch of small house small house floorplan

Images © Our Town Plans

Learn more: http://ourtownplans.com/plans/bunkies-and-guest-houses/228-pendleton-road


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Andrea has lived simply in small spaces for more than 7 years and enjoys sharing her space saving (and space multiplying) tips from experience.
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  • Avatar Sharee

    The outside is very quaint. The inside is essentially a large bedroom with en suite amenities.

  • Avatar Valerie

    Where is the located? I love this one.

  • Avatar Emily c.

    This little house is just adorable on the outside and very cute inside. I just don’t want people to come inside to my bedroom. If it was me living there I might use a pullout sofa or daybed sofa look to mask the bedroom feel.

    • Emily it is not a “House”. It is Bedroom with bath…Although a very lovely one at that… I love the Blue Pine ceiling…But the Kitchen is only good for overnight…Impossible to live in full time without a support system…

  • Avatar Brian

    Perhaps a Murphy Bed would open the area up during the day.

    • Avatar Gracie

      I was thinking the same thing, a Murphy bed would be perfect.

      • Avatar Eric

        Unfortunately, for me, Murphy’s rules don’t work for me. Especially Murphy’s rules on beds.

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    WOW! this would be absolutely perfect for me. . that front porch would be the deal closer for me.. I’d even make do with the tiny closet space… Good job. well thought out.. hope to see more tiny houses like this, without lofts..

  • Avatar MareM

    Great attention to detail, very charming. Agree about having a convertible bed, with drawers underneath. Oh, and have you all noticed that beautiful ceiling
    ? With the subtle blues, it’s like looking up at the sky.

  • What an adorable little tiny house. Like some of the comments above I would probably get a couch that opens up. So by day I would use it as a living room and at night my bedroom. The bathroom is very charming!! I love the outside it is very quaint!! The porch is amazing!! All and all this house is a show stopper!! Thank you for sharing!! Carol Perry

  • Avatar Carole

    Beautiful. I would love to build a community like this.

  • One of the most appealing tiny house exteriors I’ve ever seen. Interior looks nicely designed too. Would love to know where this community is.

  • Avatar alice h

    It may have room for a bed but I’m not sure I’d call that an actual bedroom. It’s more of a studio layout. I would definitely use a daybed rather than have a great big bed taking up daytime space. I’m not a big fan of Murphy beds but lots of people find them just right for a situation like this. With a bit of tweaking at the bathroom end you could make a separate small bedroom fairly easily.

  • Avatar Venera

    It looks great on the outside! My thoughts as I looked at the pics were “replace outside stairs with ramp”, “more railing around front porch”, “nice punch of color with the bedroom textiles”, “Still don’t know that I want my bed to be part of the main living space”, possibly some ceiling high plastic that is colored to 5 feet and clear above that, “I.m not sure from the layout is whether I could make the two sharp turns,” “while looking at the bathroom vanity: Why two sinks”,.” I’m not sure whether my wheelchair could get through the door.”. I got down to the floor plan (which is why I want to see the floor plan of the featured home) and mental tires screeched. For me I would turn the full shower toilet in to an over sized handicap friendly shower. Then would move toilet to the northern most sink. That’s workable. Then I saw the kitchen. A refrigerator and a small sink.. No! I COOK from scratch. It takes space to work on and storage for my kitchen tools.This is one of the first homes I have gotten excited about regarding usability for someone like me in a wheelchair.

  • Most seniors have no need to be more than 10′ from the TV to see and hear…our parts are generally used up if we have worked in any industrial type field for 30+ years..If you have a Lady/Guests in the house,1.5 baths are a minimum. Ladder Lofts are for Grand-kids and people built like Jackrabbits…A dishwasher is a sanitation tool more so than convenience for seniors…Just a few points for all the whippersnappers out there..Free to you from 4Fathoms Designs…

  • Avatar Mary J

    very pretty tiny house and one I’d love to come home to! But take away one of the bathroom sinks, who needs two sinks in a tiny house and give yourself some decent tiny house kitchen space instead. A murphy bed in the lounge area would be a clever idea. Otherwise a real please to look at. 🙂

  • Avatar Connie Murray

    Love the cottage style of this little house! However, I would need to put a wall up to keep the bedroom private. Privacy is a big issue for most adults. So I would have to rearrange the floor plan to keep the bedroom a private sanctuary.

  • Avatar Di

    The jut-out is inefficient. A full rectangle is less time-consuming to build plus it provides more space.

    Design the interior first and situate windows thereafter. Design with furniture and traffic in mind.

    For spaciousness, face furniture towards windows.

    To avoid walking around the entire bed to get to the bathroom, try a central sliding bathroom door. This would also create a larger closet/dressing area.

    Underbed storage may eliminate the need for a closet.

    Is the tall cabinet an extra closet or entertainment center? It may be difficult for everyone to view a television that is placed to one side of a room.

    More one-story plans need to be developed for the handicapped and elderly. This overall design is not very efficient.

  • Avatar Di

    A 12′ x 12′ floor plan with a 6′ x 6′ bathroom and a 2′ x 6′ kitchen may offer more open space. Situate the kitchen and bathroom along one wall. Situate a sofabed/living area along the opposite wall.

    For further spaciousness, try arched windows, a peaked ceiling and skylights.

    A 2′ x 6′ kitchen may include an under-counter fridge, one standard-sized kitchen sink and an under-counter combination washer/dryer as found online at Compact Appliance.

    A 1′ x 1′ x 16″ triangular corner bathroom sink without a vanity may be all that is needed. Store towels and cosmetic bags on narrow shelving over a toilet.

  • Avatar sel

    Tiny is always cute especially if the decor compliments the idea of it all….
    However, the idea of a bedrom in the living area does collide with many
    mentally. The floor plan could really use a different distribution of sorts. And note: no loft sleeping. That gets old very quickly for any age
    group. I do prefer my solution, easy and comfy.

  • This is such a sweet tiny cottage. Wow – just love this home. I have been pinning pictures of this bathroom base cabinet for a couple of years now and actually just designed a new kitchen base cabinet very similar to yours for my new (100 yr old) tiny farm house. Thanks for the inspiration. The only thing that could make this tiny home any better (IMO) is if it were in the country on a very private piece of property definitely away from and out of sight from any sort of community. Lots of people who enjoy tiny homes also enjoy solitude.
    This is a magnificent home and it makes MUCH more sense than a real teeny tiny home such as my first one of 144 sq feet. After trying it on for size I find it to be way to tiny for full time life. Cute and cozy but just doesn’t seem as wonderful as I had expected. The size of your tiny home allows you to move about and not feel so crunched in.

  • Avatar Christina

    I live in a studio/bachelor apt. which is significantly smaller than this but a MUCH better layout with a proper, if small, kitchen. My apt. was designed in the 1920s when people seemed to understand how to make small space work. The design featured here wastes a lot of space, to no good effect, in the bathroom. This is more like a hotel room than a tiny or small home. In fact, if I added the extra footage this design over mine, I could have a 10’x10′ bedroom.

  • Avatar Gracie

    SO many negative comments on this gorgeous little home – to those who cannot find anything positive to say, perhaps, small home living isn’t your style. This doll house runs RINGS around most I’ve seen.

  • Avatar Maria

    Would love to see more pictures of this home. Kitchen both sides,the view from closet wall showing the front space. Would like to see how much room by front door. I would remove on sink and put stacked washer/dryer.

  • Avatar Nancy

    Adorable guest house, love the exterior.

  • Avatar Bc

    How much do these tiny houses cost to build?

  • Avatar Robert Ballantyne

    We are looking into small and tiny houses could e-mail more information and flore plans or mail it to PO Box 264 Laconia NH 03247

  • Avatar Dick

    The exterior is GREAT! The fourth pic from the top reminds me of when motels were more a group of cottages. The problem is, as others have said, that the interior spells “motel room”, not “home”. The bed dominates the room. Maybe a Murphy bed might work, but I’d want more living space. I wonder if this is designed to be more of a guest house than a permanent dwelling/tiny home.

    That said, I still like it, if the interior were to be redone. Give me a living area, a better kitchen (my wife loves to cook, and after 37 years of marriage, my waistline bears witness to her abilities), and a bedroom. I like the arrangement of the bath in this home. The exterior has that older-home look that automatically draws my eye–good curb appeal, as someone said above.

    Another image kept pecking at my mind like a pesky woodpecker as I was writing this–and I just found it. Jay Shafer’s Small House Book has pictures of Third Street Cottages on Whidbey Island, Washington, Trinity Park, MA, and a San Francisco bungalow court. Unfortunately I can’t grab and post the images from the book’s PDF file, but they’re on pp 57, 58, 62 and 63 of the book–and they remind me of the pic I referenced in my first paragraph. Would love to live in a community like that, and that group of homes pictured in this post could be just such a community.

  • Avatar Melissa

    The outdide is charming. A very nice community. 418 Sq ft. on the main floor should allow a proper bedroom and possibly a small tub if the layout was changed, which would be my preference.

  • Avatar Liana Schaefer

    Murphy beds would allow slot of extra living space??? 🙂

  • Avatar Andrew Muench

    This is one of the most attractive Tiny Homes I have ever seen !!!!….how much does it cost ?….Who , where can I buy one from ?

    • Imagine on slab foundations with no stairs for Seniors community homes…Although I love the style, I am not sure one of my 4Fathoms Designs of the same Square footage with W/D, Full Kitchen, 1.5 bath, D/W , on demand H/W, Master Suite and L.E.D. lighting might not be more flexible…Plus mine could be factory made, trucked to site and “Pitted” for a no steps entry…and a loft if desired…Not to worry…None of the eleven Factories and Dealer lots I have visited and presented the plans to have opted to build one…

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Here are the plans: http://ourtownplans.com/plans/bunkies-and-guest-houses/228-pendleton-road The cost to build would depend on your builder 🙂

  • Avatar Doreen

    Super cute, but I think they sacrificed kitchen space for the area with the bathroom sinks (unless there is more to either space than the photos show). But I do like it.

  • Avatar Otessa Regina Compton


  • Avatar Ellen McCann

    Very very nice!! Looks very easy to live in for one person or a couple. Also a dog and a cat! Has that cozy country vibe. Pretty! WHere is this place?

  • Avatar JB Silver

    I think for a person who wants to live tiny; these houses would be great. Most people I know of who have gone tiny have no intentions of actually moving their homes from place to place. I’ve come to realize I do prefer a small house on a foundation. I think these homes are more than adequately designed for anyone looking to down size. I also see the possibility of modifications for the disabled and those who want to live off the GRID. Thank you for this article.

  • Just a note. I have updated my web page and am continually adding design ideas to it. I would like to solicit ideas for how to create a steam punk motif on a specific plan for my Park Model RV book series. Some of these ideas show a direction for clean lines and usable appliances. I have never understood why builders of small spaces used full depth fridges….LG has a great little cabinet depth unit with bottom freezer for less than $1000 and it’s only 23″ wide.

  • One more thing of note. When the Whidbey Island community was designed and built a Zoning Variance was given as the project was being designed for Seniors…Of course after constructed the majority were Yuppie Purchases…I am probably one of the few of your readers who toured the property prior to sales in their initial open house….We flew down from Alaska just for the occasion….

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