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385 Sq. Ft. Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama

This is a 385 square foot park model tiny house for sale in Tanner, Alabama.

It comes fully furnished and is offered at $69,900.

Learn more below. Thanks!

385 Sq. Ft. Fully Furnished Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Tanner, Alabama

385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 001

385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 002 385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 003 385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 004 385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 005 385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 006 385 Sq Ft Park Model Tiny House For Sale in Alabama 007

Learn more over at the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Diane Gray
    May 5, 2018, 5:20 pm

    What a lovely tiny house–inside and out! Does anybody know how these homes fare during high winds and storms, say, nor’easters and hurricanes?

    • James D.
      May 6, 2018, 12:29 am

      Hey Diane Gray, this is the part of the market where the lines between RV’s and Tiny Houses get blurred by many…

      But Park Models are basically RV’s, they’re built under the RV building code and can’t exceed 400 Sq Ft by law without switching to the HUD building code, the same as manufactured houses.

      So how durable a Park Model RV is depends on the manufacturer, because they are not required to build them to high standards under the RV building code…

      Unlike Tiny Houses that can be built by individuals and completely custom with the intention to use them as permanent residential options, Park Models are built at factories on assembly lines and you generally have to choose from available models being sold, just like most other RV’s, and are primarily intended for recreational usage.

      While most Park Model RVs are not meant to be moved very often, but there are models available that are more like traditional Travel Trailers that make use of slide outs, etc. to retain the space but still be easily movable.

      So what that all means is you will generally find actual Tiny Houses that are being built like houses, more than like RV’s, are going to be a lot more durable.

      Companies like Titan Tiny Homes, have walls rated to handle over 200 MPH winds and well over a 9.0 earthquake for intensity of vibrations it can handle, for example… So many of their homes can withstand a category 5 hurricane, provided you have them properly anchored and not parked in a flood zone of course…

      Since most build Tiny Houses with the intention of using them as full time homes, most tend to over build them and thus there’s a number of them that have shown they can handle extreme conditions quite well…

      This is not to say Park Model RV’s can’t handle a hurricane, those specifically built for Florida are your best bet as they have been required since Hurricane Andrew to have at least a little better construction and tie down standards than RV’s built in other parts of the country… But that’s mainly for the living space and not for the overall structure, like a car with crumble zones the rest of the structure can still be damaged by a hurricane. So anything above a category 3 could be iffy or at least costly…

      There’s a previous article on this site that posted about Tiny Houses that where in Florida during Hurricane Irma, which was a category 4 when it hit, for a better idea what real Tiny Houses can withstand… But basically there were dozens of examples of Tiny Houses that came through with little to no damage and some of them have been in Florida long enough to have been through multiple storms.

  • merryl
    May 6, 2018, 10:44 am

    omg I think I finally found my tiny home.minus husband and kids lol.

  • Michael L
    May 6, 2018, 1:38 pm

    I have to agree with Bill, this would be a great place for South TX or FL. Maybe even some place near Palm Springs!

    I could see using it as my home base then having a 18′ tiny house to hit the road with. That’s what I’d call an ideal life!

  • Marsha Cowan
    May 18, 2018, 11:36 am

    That ceiling line inside and the porch sells it for me. I would buy it just for that! The whole house is gorgeous, but having a covered screened in porch? That’s a winner. The location is beautiful, too. Does the price include the lot, or would one pay lot rent after buying it? Beautiful house.

  • February 1, 2020, 12:37 pm

    Having spent several years in the southeast I can verify the need for a screened porch. It seems all biting bug types in North America live there with the exception of Alaskan White Sox. Many of this home’s features I use in my “J Wall ” design and I am assuming the Bedroom has an escape door beside the bed with the high dormer windows? I LOVE the shiplap interior surfaces and feel it should replace the standard 1/4″ sheetrock as a standard. Maybe the future will hold a HEMP pressed shiplap that will be fire-retardant as well as structural.

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