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’29 Ford Model A Roadster with ’59 Teardrop Camper

This 1929 Ford Model A Roadster has a rear rumble seat, luggage rack, and upgraded wire wheels.

And it also comes with a classic 1959 rare aluminum teardrop camping trailer.

Both have been fully restored. The trailer has television, stereo, built-in lights, gas stove, cooler, sink, and bed.

The Model A’s engine has been rebuilt and has grille guard and hood ornament.

’29 Ford Model A Roadster with ’59 Teardrop Camper


Images © Barrett-Jackson

1929-ford-model-a-roadster-with-59-teardrop-camper-001 1929-ford-model-a-roadster-with-59-teardrop-camper-003 1929-ford-model-a-roadster-with-59-teardrop-camper-004

Images © Barrett-Jackson

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  • Avatar Karen

    Couldn’t live in it, but the car and teardrop are great!

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    This would make a great rental idea for short holidays and vacations. Would be fun to get away from it all and do something totally different (and take lots of pics to memorialize the experience!) 🙂

  • Avatar CathyAnn

    I sure would like to see what the inside of that trailer is like. I remember my great aunt and uncle had a teardrop trailer, back in the ’50’s. It was really nice; it fascinated me. I remember my family camping with them at Yosemite. What fun!

  • Avatar Rick

    The chimney on the camper has me intrigued !

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