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279 Sq. Ft. Mini Mod: A Modern Prefab Off-Grid Tiny House

The Mini Mod is a 279 sq. ft. prefab tiny house.

It’s designed for modern off-grid living and consists of four modules:

Your bedroom, living room, dining area, and bathroom – all on one level (no lofts).

Parts of the areas can be closed off for privacy or opened up for a more spacious feeling that brings the outdoors in.

Pine plywood, treated recycled wood, and large glass windows surround you while you’re inside.

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this modern Mini Mod tiny home below:

mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-002 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-003 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-004

The large glass windows can be shaded to reduce solar heating and increase privacy (I’ll show you more how that works when you scroll down below).


All units are prefabricated and pre-built at the manufacturing site then transported onto building site.


Customers can choose to use one module or combine any number of modules to create whatever they wish.


The Mini Mod filters and reuses rainwater, uses LED lighting, and other technologies (like a green, living roof) to reduce CO2 emissions and make this tiny home extra earth-friendly.

mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-008 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-009 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-0010 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-0011 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-0013 mapa-architects-mod-mini-279-sq-ft-prefab-tiny-house-0014

The Mini Mod can be your very own tiny off-grid home, a part of a group of vacation cabins, a showroom, an office, or anything else you can think of (including combining several modules to make up one larger home).

Learn more about the Mini Pod directly from the architects who built it at MAPA Architects.

Photos by Leonardo Finotti.

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  • Avatar Martha Federle

    I think the Mini Mod house has some interesting features, but looking at the pictures I felt it would be a difficult house to live in.

  • Avatar Ashlyn Schaetzle

    I love this, I think the mod is awesome, I would love to have one on my property as maybe a guesthouse or for my 19 yr old son so he would still be at home but still have his privacy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Avatar Comet

    Looks like a house for VERY skinny people!!!!!!

  • Avatar George

    I’m sorry, but it looks like a pre-finished “trailer” or mobile home. It might be better with a “tipout” or two, just to add variety in the corridor look. I didn’t see anything about how much it costs to heat or cool, depending on the season. As well, what reinforcement is needed for a snowload.
    In general, of course, the idea of having your own “off grid” home is part of what being an American is all about — independence. But, with today’s “caretaker” mentality permeating society, it’s unlikely you can do your own thing without interference. Pitiful!

  • Avatar Mike Chen

    The price? Where can I see a sample?

  • here can i find out the price of this pod home i need a phone number or something to contact them

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