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$25k Chic And Affordable Tiny House

This is a chic but affordable tiny house that’s for sale for $25,000 out of Auburn, Alabama, according to the listing. It’s a 260-square-foot tiny house on wheels that was built in 2017. That square footage includes the two lofts.

It’s an 8-foot wide, 18-foot long, and 13.5-feet tall THOW with a bedroom, closet, bathroom, and two lofts. The bathroom seems very spacious while the kitchen and living room are sort of clashing. I might opt to replace the couch with a dining set. What do you think?

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Chic But Affordable Tiny House on Wheels – $25k – Auburn, Alabama

$25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House

Images via Tiny Home Builders

$25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House $25k Chic But Affordable Tiny House

Images via Tiny Home Builders

This tiny house has everything you need! Custom built, high end finishes with a rustic farmhouse touch.

Learn more here.

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  • D. Pedersen
    January 5, 2019, 5:31 am

    What a mix of incompatible materials. Countertop is too “noisy”. And the washer/dryer unit is a monster in such a tiny space. It would have been better with a front loader, which included a dryer and took up half the space upwards. The monster totally destroys the room’s otherwise nice panel look. Wondering why this nice panel look has not been used in the other areas outside the bathroom. Instead there has been put up ugly panel boards, which clashes with the other interior. The dark kitchen sink and taps as well as the vanity sink, are a chapter of their own – without having to write any more adjectives to the choices. It looks too 1980’s style. There is nothing rustic about it – Just plain confusing styles mixed together with no harmony. Yikes!

    • D. Pedersen
      January 5, 2019, 5:36 am

      And I would have swapped the fridge and stove around, so the fridge did not make for a huge space “eater” right in the middle of the room. Light would flow better, if the stove was placed where the fridge is now placed.

  • kathy
    January 7, 2019, 10:21 pm

    Nita Hiltner, I used your link (thank you for sharing this gorgeous house!) to the most well planned, well designed tiny house I have seen in the 6 years I have been looking at them. I was so jealous of the woman who is/was then about to move in! But I have to point out that one advantage is that it is 28 ft long, while the tiny house on this page is 18 ft. This tiny for 18 feet has a pretty well designed interior – space for a stacked washer dryer, a good sized shower, a nearly full size refrigerator. Yep, otherwise its a little tight. Moving the stove so the door doesn’t have to open right into the side of the sofa no doubt would help the ambiance! And of course there is the huge difference in price – 28 gorgeous well designed feet for ~$70k, versus $26K for this sorta starter tiny home that still has some really great selling points. There is a tiny home for every one, I would prefer the first one, but probably can only afford the latter one. Que sera!

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