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After 25-year old Mike Hudson quit his job he spent the next 5 months building his new home.

An old cargo van that he would live off grid in and travel around Europe with.

Leaving from England heading throughout Europe visiting music festivals and camping everywhere in between he has everything he needs inside his van.

There is a kitchen with space to cook, a mini refrigerator, solar panels for power, shower, toilet, work desk area and even a hammock.

Van Dog Traveller = 1. Quit Job. 2. Build Camper Van 3. Travel

Below you will see some photos of this tricked out van and videos too.

Man Converts Cargo Van to Travel Around Europe


Images © Van Dog Traveller

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Check out how one man got inspired to build a Japanese style micro cabin on wheels.

It could be used for camping, as a backyard office or quiet reading space.

What would you use this DIY micro cabin for?

Below you can see a few photos and a video on this DIY micro cabin in Florida.

Man Builds Japanese Style DIY Micro Cabin


Images © Chris/YouTube

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Did you know that Matthew McConaughey, the famous actor, also enjoys small spaces? According to an article and interview with him in 2008 on Architectural Digest, he used to live out of a GMC van at least occasionally in 1996 which turned out to be too small for him. More recently, in 2004, McConaughey got himself a 2004 Airstream International CCD 28. He named his Airstream the Canoe.1

If you’re wondering where he keeps his Airstream it’s in an RV park in Malibu, California right on a prime surfing spot in the area. And so far, according to this article on Architectural Digest, McConaughey has used it for living out of, as an office, taking it on road trips, and more.1

The actor also mentions another thing you might enjoy about the beauty of small spaces in the article. McConaughey says, “the thing about small spaces is that they’re relaxing. You’re limited in your options.”3

Matthew McConaughey’s ’04 Airstream International CCD 28


Images © Jim McHugh/ArchitecturalDigest

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It took him 5 years to build. It’s a complete labor of love. His name is Mike Basich and this is his DIY 225 sq. ft. tiny home on his 40-acre property in California.

I’ve told you about him before here. But in this new video, you’ll get to go even deeper into his life and learn some new things about him and his incredible lifestyle. The best part about it all is that Mike Basich made his dreams a reality.

He even has his own chairlift which took him about 8 months to build with his friends so he can go snowboarding on his own property. His house may be tiny, but he literally has his own resort. And his tiny cabin’s design is just absolutely awesome. See for yourself below. 🙂

Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House


Images © SeekerStories/YouTube

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Here’s a 204 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels for sale right now with the asking price of $42,000. It’s located in Taos, New Mexico.

The natural materials make this tiny house cozy and warm. With 10 ft ceilings and many windows the space is surprisingly spacious.

“The kitchen was designed with a chef in mind- 8ft long cherry countertops, a classic 50‘s “Roper Rangette” fits 2 half sheet pans, and has four burners, a stainless steel hood above the range for circulation, a generous porcelain farm sink, and large windows for views while doing everyday culinary activities.” – Peter W. Gilroy, owner

Peter W. Gilroy, owner of this tiny house built and designed it himself in October 2012 using new and recycled  eco-friendly materials.

If you are interested in buying this tiny house you should know it can be easily moved with a dually diesel truck.

Below are some photos of this tiny house on wheels.

204 Sq. Ft. Tiny House For Sale in New Mexico


Images © Peter W. Gilroy

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I’m excited to show you this unique tiny house on wheels with two sleeping lofts which also has an awesome entrance (see below) that makes it feel like some sort of magical little villa in the vineyards. I think it’s pretty cool.

When you walk inside the house the kitchen is to your left and a staircase with storage to your right that takes you up to the beautiful lofts. Another really creative feature is that the staircase steps aren’t just storage… They triple as seating for a flip down dining table!

There are tons of windows to keep it bright and plenty of built-in storage to keep your stuff tidy and out of sight. I hope you enjoy the tour and that you get lots of potential design ideas for your own tiny house build.

Creative Tiny House on Wheels with Awesome Entrance


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Inspiring, empowering and uplifting are not even words that can describe Alexis and Christian’s Tiny House Expedition.

The awesome duo are building a tiny house on wheels. But they are not doing it on their own.

With local community roundtable discussions and group builds they are empowering those around them to get involved in the tiny house movement.

They hold community build days where people can come out and see the tiny house being built and contribute if they like.

The community roundtable discussions in their local area are geared to spread awareness about tiny houses and the innovative housing opportunity for everyone.

Once the tiny house is complete Alexis and Christian will be heading out on a journey around the U.S to show off their tiny house and let thousands of people see it and tour it. All while documenting other tiny houses and tiny house communities they encounter along the way.

“The purpose: document tiny house community building projects across the nation and tell the story of how each came into being, the people behind them & how they are making a difference in their communities.” – Tiny House Expedition

Tiny House Expedition: Think BIG, Build Small


Images © Tiny House Expedition

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