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1969 Vintage 27′ Airstream Overlander For Sale

Eye catching retro restored trailer with many new upgrades: H/W heater, and water pump, Toilet, Battery and inverter, new fuse box and updated fuses,new tires, repacked wheels, new A/C thermostat, new front curved curb window,new propane regulators, new goucho couch with lime green upholstery, new retro design fabric for insulated curtains and lots of extras, boat leather pieces covering toilet and seat in toilet area (nice touch). Everything is in great working condition. There is no furnace and she has some exterior age blemishes, for a gal her age, she looks wonderful.Bedding is included as well as decorative pillows. All curtains stay..don’t pass up an opportunity to own a bit of Airstream history. Call to discuss all details included.
Source: http://austin.craigslist.org/rvs/4857260309.html

1969 Vintage 27′ Airstream Overlander For Sale


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Source: http://austin.craigslist.org/rvs/4857260309.html

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  • Avatar Cahow

    I love that talented individuals are saving these classic trailers and making them available to new home owners. Job well done. 😀

    • Avatar Carol

      Looks like it still needs a lot of work. Appliances are old, for one, and the paneling looks like it’s seen better days. I think the price is much too high. We paid a whole lot less for our 1988 Airstream and it’s in near perfect condition. I hope this one finds a good home!!

  • Avatar Christyn

    I believe the ad on Craigslist said $18,000.

  • Avatar Emily

    Love Airstream. My family and I are big fans. A friendly suggestion to look at your price point. 😉

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