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1966 Ford F100 Gypsy Camper House Truck

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This 1966 Ford F100 Gypsy Camper House Truck has been renovated and ready to live and travel tiny in.

How would you like to live or even design/build a tiny house on a classic truck like this?

Inside it has lots of storage nooks, pull out table, closet space, composting toilet, water pump, and more.

See for yourself below. And if you’re interested, it’s on auction for sale over at eBay.

1966 Ford F100 Gypsy Camper House Truck


Images © jtpetterso

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Images © jtpetterso

We have a great running and driving vintage ford twin ibeam for sale. The truck was owned by an elderly man that babied it for a long time before he died. We bought it for a handmade camper project. We lived in it for a while and are putting together funds to buy some land so our little dream wagon is for sale.
The truck has a 352 V8 engine with a four speed manual transmission. Overload springs to handle camper. Runs and drives great! Has original paint with a great patina. No rust. Original radio. Unmolested classic truck. Tons of records written down and kept throughout the years!
The gypsy wagon camper was built by my wife and I as a fun little project. We built it with simplicity in mind. Has a composting toilet and an electric water pump and a few lights. Lots of storage. Pullout table. We used mostly reclaimed materials to build it. Very comfortable to stay in.
This would be great for anyone looking to travel in style, take in parades, use as a classy unique food truck, live simply in, playhouse for the kids, etc. Creates smiles everywhere you go! Give me a call and come check it out.
Just put new 10 ply tires on!

Source: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Ford-F100-with-Custom-Gypsy-Camper-Tiny-House-/121487166346?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1c49330b8a&item=121487166346&pt=RVs_Campers

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Scot
    November 17, 2014, 8:27 pm

    I have done a lot of research on tiny homes and I think this is great! It might be a little hillbilly? Give them a break! That is what tiny homes is all about… I’m a poet and didn’t know it? lol

  • Sharon Benoit
    November 17, 2014, 9:46 pm

    Under shipping it says located in Twin Falls, Idaho

    • jerry
      August 19, 2017, 3:39 pm

      Is there plans on this beauty? Would like to copy this or some what the same in my GMC shortbed.

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