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192 Sq. Ft. Backyard Bunkie Tiny House

This is the 192 sq. ft. Backyard Bunkie tiny house in Marion, North Carolina that overlooks the Appalachian Mountains.

Outside, you’ll find a nicely covered front porch to relax in with rocking chairs and a bistro table to enjoy the scenery.

When you go inside, you’ll find a studio-style floor plan with a kitchenette, sofa, bed, and bathroom. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

192 Sq. Ft. Backyard Bunkie Tiny House

192 Sq. Ft. Backyard Bunkie Tiny House

Images © Backyard Bunkies

Backyard Bunkie Tiny Home Backyard Bunkie Tiny Cottage Backyard Bunkie's Kitchenette Kitchen in the House and Door to Bathroom The Studio-style Bedroom with Sofa Backyard Bunkie 007 Backyard Bunkie 008 Backyard Bunkie 009 Backyard Bunkie 0010 Backyard Bunkie 0011 Backyard Bunkie 0012 Backyard Bunkie 0013 Backyard Bunkie 0014 Backyard Bunkie 0015 Backyard Bunkie 0016

Images © Backyard Bunkies

Learn more: http://www.backyardbunkies.com/

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  • Avatar gale

    Cute idea for inlaws full time with support just steps away but privacy for them. How is it heated and cooled? I know the area and it gets pretty cold. Anyway…nice job.

    • Avatar CharlotteMo

      It has a mini=split system that heats and cools. Look at one of the outdoor photos by the side of the house. It looks like a tiny AC pump.

  • Avatar Randje

    Not keen myself on extensive metal usage. Bit cold feeling. Great place for the Tin Man though!

  • Avatar Kristina H Nadreau

    This is cute and functional for short term stays.

  • Avatar LiLi

    Wifi really? Can’t we go anywhere & relax anymore? If I am going to take a vacation, I want a real vacation unplugged from technology but I guess wifi is a necessary evil for those who are addicted to their devices.

    • Avatar Eric

      Well… ya know… ya don’t HAVE to use the WiFi? I don’t believe it is compulsory… YET!

      • Avatar LiLi

        I understand that I don’t have to use the wifi but the signal which is radio frequency radiation/microwave technology is constantly there. It just seems there is nowhere to escape from it these days. It messes with your sleep, your immune system, your nervous system, etc. Anyone who is interested can do some research. I’m just tired of everyone touting wifi as an amenity when it can be harmful, especially to children.

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