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This is a 430 sq. ft. microHOUSE built for a Vermont artist by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design.

The stunning tiny home has a sloped roof, happy yellow door and bright and open interior. According to Dezeen, “the home contains the sleeping loft, a bathroom with a tub, a kitchen, a table for dining and working, storage cabinets, and a living zone that doubles as guest sleeping quarters.”

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430 sq. ft. Vermont microHOUSE by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design

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This is a Vermont Jamaica Cottage Shop Tiny Cabin on 10 Acres For Sale.

This 16′ x 20′ Vermont Cottage is one of our most popular traditionally crafted post + beam design/build tiny homes. It was professionally built on this 10.3 parcel in 2015. Upstairs bedroom loft makes more living space available downstairs. This one features our optional 4 season windows, door, wood stove insert + 3 season ready interior (which leaves room for your own personal finish). Nearby low impact 4×4 outhouse (also one of our designs) keeps your inexpensive tiny living lifestyle a simple living experience.

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Vermont Jamaica Cottage Shop Tiny Cabin on 10 Acres For Sale

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This is the C.A.S.A. 802 in Vermont.

It was designed and built by Norwich University students.

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Norwich University Students Design and Build CASA 802


Images via Norwich University

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This is a 368 sq. ft. tiny log cabin in Middlesex, Vermont.

It sits on 17 acres, has an observation deck on the property, and is for sale for $140,000.

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Tiny Log Cabin on 17 Acres (With Observation Tower!) in VT


Photos via Estately

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This is a tiny house in Vermont on 10 acres.

It’s for sale (asking $120,000).

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$120k Tiny House in Vermont on 10 Acres


Photos via Zillow

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In this post Deek is going to show you some tiny cabins right on a river in New Hampshire.

They’re called ‘The Pemi Cabins‘ and are on Old Route 3 on Pemigawasset River right by Franconia Notch State Park.

Also- Deek’s upcoming ‘hands on’ tiny house workshop- ‘Tiny House Summer Camp 2‘ is in Orleans, Vermont this August 15-18, 2014.

Tiny Cabins in New Hampshire

Image © RelaxShacks

Image © RelaxShacks

Get the full tour of this little cabin in NH with Deek in the video below:

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‘From Tiny House to Little House’ is a guest post by Jane Dwinell

After living and traveling in our Tiny House for a year, we decided it was time to settle down. We missed gardening, and wanted the community you can build by staying in one place. We looked for property and found what we wanted in Vermont on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Unfortunately, the Tiny House was not built to withstand a Vermont winter. And, to be honest, we wanted more space…. not much more, but more. If we had known we were going to stay put in a Tiny House, we would have designed and built it differently. We would have gone to the tallest height we could have legally (instead of two feet lower for ease of going down the road), and had a sleeping loft. That would have given us more floor space in the living area, and greater storage options. We would have added more insulation, and been less concerned about weight.


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