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This is to let you know about Tiny House Summer Camp 5 in Orleans, Vermont.

It’s a live building tiny house workshop hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen happening this September 15-17th, 2017 with an optional 4th day too.

Please learn more below and/or over at Deek’s site. Thanks!

Tiny House Summer Camp 5 with Diedricksen Brothers in Vermont!

Photos via RelaxShacks

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This is a 430 sq. ft. microHOUSE built for a Vermont artist by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design.

The stunning tiny home has a sloped roof, happy yellow door and bright and open interior. According to Dezeen, “the home contains the sleeping loft, a bathroom with a tub, a kitchen, a table for dining and working, storage cabinets, and a living zone that doubles as guest sleeping quarters.”

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430 sq. ft. Vermont microHOUSE by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design

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This is a Vermont Jamaica Cottage Shop Tiny Cabin on 10 Acres For Sale.

This 16′ x 20′ Vermont Cottage is one of our most popular traditionally crafted post + beam design/build tiny homes. It was professionally built on this 10.3 parcel in 2015. Upstairs bedroom loft makes more living space available downstairs. This one features our optional 4 season windows, door, wood stove insert + 3 season ready interior (which leaves room for your own personal finish). Nearby low impact 4×4 outhouse (also one of our designs) keeps your inexpensive tiny living lifestyle a simple living experience.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Vermont Jamaica Cottage Shop Tiny Cabin on 10 Acres For Sale

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This is the C.A.S.A. 802 in Vermont.

It was designed and built by Norwich University students.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below!

Norwich University Students Design and Build CASA 802

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This is a 368 sq. ft. tiny log cabin in Middlesex, Vermont.

It sits on 17 acres, has an observation deck on the property, and is for sale for $140,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Log Cabin on 17 Acres (With Observation Tower!) in VT


Photos via Estately

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This is a tiny house in Vermont on 10 acres.

It’s for sale (asking $120,000).

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

$120k Tiny House in Vermont on 10 Acres


Photos via Zillow

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In this post Deek is going to show you some tiny cabins right on a river in New Hampshire.

They’re called ‘The Pemi Cabins‘ and are on Old Route 3 on Pemigawasset River right by Franconia Notch State Park.

Also- Deek’s upcoming ‘hands on’ tiny house workshop- ‘Tiny House Summer Camp 2‘ is in Orleans, Vermont this August 15-18, 2014.

Tiny Cabins in New Hampshire

Image © RelaxShacks

Image © RelaxShacks

Get the full tour of this little cabin in NH with Deek in the video below:

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