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8 Frequently Asked Questions on Tiny Houses

This tiny house FAQ page might address a concern or frequently asked question related to tiny houses.

Whether you have questions related to construction, building permits or towing the answer you need might just be right here.

8 Tiny House FAQs Answered

1. Why do most interiors have wood products? Is it necessary?

Because these homes are so little owners can afford to use high quality and more expensive materials versus something like drywall or faux wood.

It’s not necessary but it certainly looks and feels better.

Also- If you plan on moving your house a lot your drywall may crack where wood won’t.

2. Do the homes need any special procedure to move/tow?

As long as you meet road requirements you can move your house without any permits or special requirements.

It must not exceed 8′ 6″ wide and 13′ 6″ high.

Your trailer must have a registered tag and working brake lights and turn signals.

3. What sort of vehicle is needed to haul these homes?

You will need a 2 and a half ton vehicle or larger to comfortably tow one of these homes.

Examples include: Ford F250, Dodge RAM 2500 and GMC Sierra 2500

If you don’t have one of these vehicles you can always rent a U-Haul truck for your move.

4. What are the rules for hauling one from state to state? Height limitations?

Most states have a height limitation of 13′ 6″ although some states have been known to have bridges which are lower.

So it’s very important to plan your route accordingly and thereby avoiding bridges that have been built a long time ago.

5. Are there any tiny house communities?

Yes there are a growing number of tiny house communities accepting tiny homes into their properties and brand new tiny living communities in the works. We keep a list of them here.

Send in any tiny house communities that you know of so we can create and publish them for all to benefit from. Thank you!

6. Can a tiny house be financed?

Not traditionally but it sure is possible. If you get an RV certification for your tiny home it’s easier to get financing as long as your credit is good.

Other options include saving up for it cash, using your credit cards, selling some of your unwanted stuff, or working extra hard to raise the money.

7. How is sewage handled?

You can hook it up to a regular septic system and have regular flush toilets and running water.

Another way to do it is using composting toilets.

Finally you can set it up just like an RV with holding tanks.

8. Do you use 110 or 220 power?

Okay here are the basics on this. If you want to have a traditional washer/dryer, oven, and tank based water heater you’re going to need 220.

If you can do without those and seek alternatives, you can get away with just 110 only throughout the house.

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