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This is the Zen Den Tiny ‘Om’ on Wheels.

It’s designed so you can use it as your own personal sanctuary, tiny guest house, travel trailer, or anything else you can think of for it. What would you use yours for?

It starts at $43,500. Learn more below. Thanks!

The Zen Den Tiny ‘Om’ on Wheels: Your Personal Sanctuary and Traveling Cabin

Zen Den Tiny Om on Wheels 001

Images © Zen Den Tiny Om

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This is the Zen Den Tiny ‘Om’ on Wheels design. It features a contemporary/modern style with a rooftop deck. What do you think?

Modern Zen Den 12′ Tiny House on Wheels!

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This is Daniel Mohr’s DIY Zen Den Micro Camper.

It’s a micro traveling camper built from recycled materials.

I built my Zen Den from scratch to travel to remote destinations and have a solid secure and warm structure. I wanted it to look good too. Check out the photos of the construction and final product on my website.

Daniel’s DIY Zen Den Micro Camper

Daniels Zen Den Micro Camper 001

Images © Cobravision Collective

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