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This is a $25k zen tiny house that’s for sale in Encinitas, California via the Tiny House Marketplace.

It was built by The Zen Cottages (builder now known as Zen Tiny Homes) and includes features like a storage loft, sleeping loft, wood stove, skylights, and more. According to the listing, it’s the 20ft Alpine Model. What do you think? It seems like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

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$25k Zen Tiny Home For Sale in Encinitas, California…

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This is a tiny house on wheels by Zen Cottages.

It’s built by Ben Rawson, who’s an organic local farmer in Encinitas, California.

He’s even working with locals to develop land where people can live tiny in San Diego county.

And this is one of Ben’s latest tiny cottages on wheels. He offers them starting at $29,000 and up.

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Tiny House on Wheels by Zen Cottages

Tiny House on Wheels by The Zen Cottages

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