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Today I’m really excited to share this enchanting wooden yurt with all of you, mostly because my husband and I actually stayed here last summer and can vouch for how awesome it is. I’m pretty obsessed with yurts, so getting to vacation in one was a dream come true, and this one was particularly amazing because of the history — it was built by Bill Coperthwaite in 1974, the pioneer of American yurt-building!

It’s nestled in the woods/pasture of the South of Monadnock intentional living community, and looks like something out of a storybook. The walls are all tilted out, so you walk through a funky door into the main room. My favorite part of the yurt by far is the cozy book-nook. It was the perfect spot to sit down with my morning coffee before getting ready for the day’s adventure.

You access the bedroom via ladder stairs, and it has a huge skylight for star-gazing! It was incredibly romantic and peaceful. Best of all, the hosts were incredibly kind, and supplied us with local maple syrup and farm-fresh eggs upon arrival. Can’t recommend this place enough! Book your stay on Airbnb here.

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Vacation in this Peaceful Coperthwaite Wooden Yurt

1974 Coperthwaite Wooden Yurt Getaway in New Hampshire

Image via Natalie C. McKee

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