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Natascha and Stephen were empty-nesters who had spent a lot of time travelling between India and Australia. When their son was able to purchase an acreage that allowed for other dwellings, the couple jumped at the opportunity to erect their off-grid yurt.

They’re both teachers, and while the 8-meter-wide yurt might not be “tiny” to some, this downsize has allowed them to get closer to the land and live more sustainably. One look out their window and you see why you might choose this lifestyle!

I love that while Natascha has downsized significantly, she didn’t cut back to the bare minimum — for example, she loves spinning and weaving, and kept the tools of her trade that she needed! She shared more wisdom with us in the Q&A you can read after the photo tour of her yurt home. Enjoy!

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Going Tiny While Keeping The Tools of Your Trade

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This is the story of Aja and Jake and how they built their cozy Whidbey Island yurt.

They built it as an escape to unplug and reconnect with nature.

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Couple Build Cozy Whidbey Island Yurt to Reconnect w/ Nature And Share With Others (Friends, Family, Airbnb)

Couple's Cozy Whidbey Island Yurt Escape in the Woods

Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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