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This tiny cabin with a western-style is on a private cattle ranch in Big Flat Oak, California.

It’s a 330-sq.-ft. cabin with a bathroom, kitchen, living area, and full bedroom. What do you think?

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Western-Style 330-sq.-ft. Cabin in Big Flat Oak

Western Tiny House Near Yosemite 001

Images via Natalie/Airbnb

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These travel trailer to cabin conversions are for those of you who love the idea of tiny living but want to remain as mobile as possible.

With a trailer renovation like this you can still move about since these units are aerodynamic and lighter in weight than stick built homes on trailers.

And even if you don’t want to move around very often, trailers renovated like this easily serve as tiny cabins on your land.

That’s why I’m showing you these two classic trailers that have been tastefully renovated and decorated for the simple life.

Travel Trailer to Cabin Renovations


Images: Boutique Homes

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of these wonderful classic trailer to cabin renovations on a campsite in Yosemite:

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