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This is a Yellow Chic Shack tiny house on wheels by Mini Mansion Tiny Home Builders.

It was recently sold and delivered to the new owners in Minnesota.

This particular unit has sold, but we are currently building a similar model. It will be larger than this one. This is an 8’x20′. The one under construction is an 8’x24′. It will have a stairway to the main loft (not a ladder as shown). It will have a bright red door (not yellow as shown). The trailer has a 6’x8′ slide out deck at the front door area.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Yellow Chic Shack Tiny House on Wheels

Chic Shack Yellow THOW by Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders 001

Images © Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders

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