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This is a 2014 Ram Promaster Cargo Van converted into a motorhome ‘tiny house’ style by Yahinihomes out of Athens, Ohio. It’s called the Silver Butterfly.

A 2014 Ram promaster cargo van converted to travel van using tiny home methods.
installing four windows and lots of insulation was the first step.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Ram Promaster Cargo Van Conversion by Yahinihomes: The Silver Butterfly

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Right now I’m excited to show you a 144 sq. ft. tiny cabin on wheels by Yahini Homes.

It’s 8′ x 18′ with a side entrance and small covered porch designed for when the cabin’s parked for living.

Inside you’ll find an open kitchen, bed, bathroom, and storage. It’s a one level design so there’s no sleeping loft.

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144 Sq. Ft. Yahini Tiny Cabin on Wheels with a Porch


Images © Yahini Homes

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Right now I’d like to show you The Pod which is a 288 sq. ft. tiny cabin on skids designed and built by Yahini Homes. It’s 12’x24′ and designed to be easily added onto later as the clients needs change.

In the past, I’ve shown you the 144 sq. ft. Butterfly cabin on wheels and the 112 sq. ft. off grid tiny house on a trailer with folding porch by Yahini Homes.

Yahini Homes is a small green construction business located in Athens, Ohio. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below.

228 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin on Skids by Yahini Homes


Images © Yahini Homes

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Wanted to show you Yahini Homes‘ latest tiny house on wheels.

It’s called the Butterfly cabin. A few months ago I showed you their 8’x14′ folding porch tiny house.

Weighs 5100 lbs, has a built in porch, and is stick-built using glued and screwed 2 x 4 framing.

Total width including the gutters (yes, it has gutters!) is 8’6″ so it’s legal to tow without any special permits.

Road height is just 12′ so you’re good there, too (for towing).


Images: Yahini Homes

Total length including the trailer tongue is 21′.

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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