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I’ve always wanted to draw out my own tiny house plans.

One of them has always been one for a person like me who works from home.

Whether you’re an author, writer, blogger, artist, cartoonist, musician, freelancer, or accountant…

Wouldn’t a backyard tiny house to work in be awesome? I think so.

The WorkHaus Tiny House

So I decided to create the WorkHaus Tiny House Design. It’s a simple 7’x11′ structure used to work in.

It can be built on a regular foundation as a shed in a backyard or it’s small enough to be built on a 10 ft. single axle utility trailer much like the XS House from Tumbleweed.

Tiny House Design for Bloggers, Writers, Artists to Create In


I encourage you to check out the rest of this tiny blogger/author/artist/worker house below:


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