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What would you do with a self-sufficient wooden house truck like the one featured here today?

Ivan Morison built a tiny house on the back of this decommissioned 1954 Goddess firetruck.

1970s House-Truck Movement

During the 1970s Roger Beck was one of the first pioneers of the house truck movement on the west coast of America.

He used them as a home during travels throughout the United States, according to his interview on Ivan Morison’s article Tales of Space and Time, where he interviews Roger.

According to Ivan’s article, “A Tale of Space and Time” he held a workshop in Eugene, Oregon, in January of 2007.

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1954 Goddess Firetruck Tiny House

Wooden House-truck from 1954 Army Firetruck
Photos Courtesy of Wig Worland

This house truck movement happened during the 70s because of folks’ discontentment with politics, war, and the economy, and today, the situation sounds awfully familiar…

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